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2012 -> 2075 Christ/Paul facilitated spiritual paradigm shift

"The historical Jesus knew who he was, but he also knew that he was one of three personalities composing one entity. To a large extent he shared in the memory of the other two. The third personality, mentioned many times by me, has not in your terms yet appeared, although his existence has been prophesied as the "Second Coming". Now [...]

November 25th, 2012|Seth, Spirituality & Metaphysics|1 Comment

The impact of religious beliefs on after-death experience

Many people don't realize the after-death experience is very individual and often conforms to the subjects personal beliefs and ideas. This is important to understand because some people stake their beliefs on the supposed heaven experiences of others who have had a Near-Death Experience (NDE). There is a near infinite variety of possible outcomes, however the life review process appears to be a common trend [...]

November 13th, 2012|Seth, Spirituality & Metaphysics|0 Comments

Codicils – an alternate model for civilization

Discussed in detail in Psychic Politics: An Aspect Psychology Book. The Codicils were based upon Jane’s theory of Aspect Psychology & the Seth Material. “All of creation is sacred and alive, each part connected to each other part, and each communicating in a creative cooperative commerce in which the smallest and the largest are equally involved. “The physical senses present one unique [...]

October 12th, 2012|Seth, Spirituality & Metaphysics|2 Comments

Species of Consciousness – the animal man connection

"From approximately 50 million to 30 million years ago there were innumerable species that would now seem to you to be mutated forms. The distinction between man-animal and animal-man was not as clear as it is in your time. In some ways consciousness was more mobile, less centered, and more experimental. That early rapport, that early mixture, would later be [...]

August 2nd, 2012|Seth|0 Comments

Curing Psoriasis & Eczema

Part 1: Curing Eczema My gf had severe eczema on her hands, arms, shoulders, eyelids and mouth. After reading Mr.Heisenbug's post about how he managed to cure himself of eczema I had her follow his strategy. It appears the bacteria L.Plantarum has the ability to cure eczema. L.Plantarum is found abundantly in many fermented foods and sometimes yogurt and kefir. [...]

July 16th, 2012|Health|0 Comments

Metabolic Diet & Supplements – an Exploration

In the 1960's Dr.William Donald Kelley came down with a very aggressive form of pancreatic cancer. The cancer grew such that very large tumors that were protruding from his torso. Subsequently in an effort to heal himself of this life threatening ailment Dr.Kelly began experimenting with various supplements. He responded very quickly to them and then discovered something shocking! An [...]

July 11th, 2012|Health|6 Comments

Fake Estrogen – a modern health epidemic

Xenoestrogens are molecules that fake estrogen and have estrogenic effects in the body. What are some of these fake estrogen molecules and what is your probable exposure like? Plastics - Probably the most famous source of these estrogen mimicking compounds. Almost all our food comes wrapped in plastic, is processed using plastic equipment and is often heated in plastic containers. Our water, juice, soda drinks, coffee [...]

May 19th, 2012|Health|0 Comments

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