For most of my life I had been trying to understand and find spiritually “out there”. I was in essence trying to go “up and out” to explore and travel to worlds and dimensions beyond this physical one. As if the secrets to the universe lay in the far beyond way “out there”. This was largely and intellectual based endeavor, I wanted to understand the multidimensional universe in scientific absolute reality type terms.

Then I had my first few psychedelic experiences which flipped everything around for me. Instead of going “up and out” psychedelics brought me “down and in”. Faster, deeper and further than I could manage. I was confronted with my personal repressed emotional realities with little resources to understand or process them. I discovered much to my surprise that the ego itself is incredibly pliable, that the bounds of my psychological identity could stretch out like a rubber band and change the nature of my experience in a dramatic way. I was confronted with parallel realities, mirror selves, and saw deep into the multidimensional nature of my own emotional pain and suffering. I was ill-equipped to travel to these places alone and with few adequate “tools”.

The importance of emotional intelligence through ego development like the kind Seth talks about throughout his books became abundantly clear to me. I began to understand that consciousness through most importantly emotions as well as thoughts creates all experience and everything physical, down to every last cell of my body. I came to the realization that the life long health issues I had been suffering from where no longer mechanical issues I had to solve with nutrigenomics, supplements or diet, but anxieties based on emotional trauma and disruptions going back to the earliest parts of my childhood development.

Many of the “issues” I had/have I came to understand were pre-verbal having to do with the relationship my mind had with my body ego. Through therapy and extensive training I was able to build new psychological resources that changed the way I relate to myself and others. This had a profound impact on how I live my life and the nature of my experience. It opened new vistas of experience that had been previously unknown to me in deep and profound ways. I didn’t understand the full depth of what personal development meant until discovering this new paradigm in emotional body-based way of being and exploration.

This has radically changed the focus of my life and how I choose to spend my time. Thus the nature and content of this website has changed and many of the health related articles this website is popular for are not particularity relevant to me anymore.

Main Influences:

I am fascinated with being on the cutting edge of many fields. The following are areas I am interested and people who I have found to have the greatest expertise in their respective field. Briefly they are:

  1. Spirituality & MetaphysicsThe Seth Material & Entheogens (Terence McKenna, Alan Watts, Graham Hancock, David Jay Brown)
  2. Emotional Mastery & Psychology – The cutting edge in neurodevelopmental science & somatic psychology, Bodynamic Developmental Psychology, Integral Somatic Psychology,  Intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapySystems-Centered Therapy, SAVI, attachment theory, Gabor Mate, Daniel Kaheman, Dr.Keith Stanovich,
  3. Human Bio-energy – The techniques of Nei Kung (John Chang), Tantra, Kundalini Yoga & Russian Telekinesis (Dean Radin, Rupert Sheldrake)
  4. Diet, Fitness & Gut Pre & Pro-Biotics –  Lyle McDonald, Alan Aragon, Tim Steele
  5. Electrical & Natural Engineering – A new paradigm based off of Nikola Tesla’s technology – Jim Murray, Eric Dollard, Viktor Schauberger, Walter Russell, Wilhelm Reich
  6. Politics & Economics – Niall Ferguson, Jared Diamond, Steve Keen, John Mauldin, George Soros, Jeremy Grantham, Kyle Bass, Ray Dalio, Barry Ritholtz, Anatole Kaletsky, David Rosenberg, Marc Faber,  Felix Zulauf, Jim Rogers (My Twitter List)
  7. InspirationalMarc Andreessen, Jim Keller, Balaji Srinivasan, Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Eric Schmidt,  James Cameron, Jensen Huang, Patrick Collison
There are many other people that have influenced me, but those above I feel define the leading edge in their respective fields and have had a tremendous effect on my thinking whom I follow as closely as possible as time permits.

Definition of the site title:

Gestalt – A system or framework so unified as a whole that its properties cannot be derived from a simple summation of its parts. In the context of this website Gestalt represents the totality of multidimensional universal existence. It represents the entire universe and everything in it and beyond it on all levels of reality. It represents All That Is, which could be termed “God” in the esoteric pantheistic sense.

About Me:

My name is Jonathan Zerbin, a lifelong resident of Edmonton, AB, Canada. Fluent in German and English, I also possess basic reading and writing skills in Japanese. I’m the founder of Nonlinear Dynamics, a research and development company specializing in alternative energy. Additionally, I collaborate with Bodynamic International, spearheading their web, marketing, and educational initiatives, and I offer my expertise as a somatic therapist and coach. Outside of work, kiteboarding tops my list of favorite sports, and I love reggaeton dancing. I also practice flowstaff, which serves as a form of moving meditation for me.

My first goal in life is development of novel hyper-efficient electrical power generation technologies based on Tesla’s work. Basically that means developing humanity’s future energy source and eliminating the need for fossil fuels. After that, using that new found power to build spaceships and explore the universe. I also enjoy working on a new all encompassing spiritual paradigm by synthesizing information across many disciplines and making it more accessible to the general public. The largest part of this for me is writing and strategizing about how to bring forth a new paradigm in somatic psychology based off Bodynamics and other subtle energy based systems.

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