Energy Synthesis

Exploring the electrical engineering aspects of Aether physics.

The works of a few notable people that have brought invaluable insight are:

People – in order of relevance

  1. Nikola Tesla
  2. Eric Dollard
  3. Jim Murray
  4. Gerry Vassilatos –…..ilatos.htm
  5. Viktor Schauberger
  6. Walter (William) Baumgartner
  7. Walter Russel –
  8. Lasersaber (youtube)
  9. Dan Winter
  10. Konstantin Meyl –
  11. John Bedini –

A few other people are Peter Lindemann, Thomas Brown, Jamie Buturuff, Wilhelm Reich, Thomas Valone, Keely & Hal Puthoff. Every single one of these people provides a piece to the puzzle.

There are many  youtube videos and lectures given by the above people in addition to many books they have written.

A lot of this theory is NOT taught in conventional schools. Tesla discovered things were decades beyond the comprehension of the people at his time. A lot of this knowledge will re-write theories from Einsteins theory of relativity to modern particle physics, and quantum physics. This stuff is incredibly exciting and it will create a technological revolution and a scientific one.


Other valuable Resources: