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Foundations for a new Philosophical, Spiritual, Metaphysical & Scientific Paradigm

The following materials provide the spiritual & philosophical foundations:

The following materials provide the scientific & metaphysical foundations:

  • Quantum Physics – Multiple Worlds, Zero Worlds hypothesis
  • Aether Sciences – work of Eric Dollard
  • Psi Research – Dean Radin & Rupert Sheldrake
  • Sacred Geometry – Schauberger, Walter Russel, Michael S. Schneider, Dan Winter

Grand Cosmological Synthesis

A project towards a unification model of the multidimensional universe or All That Is

The following is a meta-flowchart of a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the universe. It is the culmination of what I consider the best models and explanations put forward by various experts across many fields. These people that have put forth incredible ideas that are not very well known. In order to not continuously re-invent the wheel I highly recommend looking at their information. I find it astonishing that many experts in  these areas are not even aware of ideas that compliment their life’s work.Gestalt Synthesis Version 1

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Taking some liberties into account, each tier roughly represents a degree of synthesis. There is much overlap among disciplines so it’s not perfect, but you get the idea.

After spending many years researching  a practical universal model is coming to the forefront. The intent is for this to be a road map that charts our way hierarchically to the apex of human understanding of the natural universe. A grand cosmology of sorts. I feel humanity has been severely handicapped by becoming overly reductionist and not being able to put ideas together. This site is an attempt to remedy that.

The Seth Material appears to be the ultimate most all-encompassing system of ideas. Anyone I have come across that has read large portions of the material (at least several books) has so far been unable to point me to something superior. It doesn’t answer all questions and there is a particular lack when it comes to delving into the dualities of creation and sacred geometry as well some of the more mechanistic aspects of the universe.

Other important foundational concepts: Duality, Golden Ratio, Phi, Fibonacci,  Recursive Fractals, Myers-Briggs, Esoteric Religions – Taoism, Vedic

People and ideas I personally consider entry level and inferior to the above sources are: Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Gregg Braden, Nassim Haramein, Marko Rodin, Kryon, A course in Miracles, David Wilcock and almost all religions in their popular forms.

Wai Tsang created a great chart showing the underlying spiritual unity of all the world’s great religions via the inner esoteric layers. The outer most layer is the exoteric which creates all the unnecessary ideological division on the planet.

All World is One Religion

I would like feedback on this. If you think there are people and/or ideas putting forth a superior all-encompassing cosmology please let me know.