Fractal Brain Theory & How to start A Revolutionary Movement

Fractal Brain Theory & How to start A Revolutionary Movement Recently I watched the following videos by Wai H. Tsang on his fractal brain theory and how to start a revolutionary movement. His presentations are incredible and tie in many facets in a multi-disciplinary way. Much of the information he presents is along the same lines of this website. The talks inspired me to create the following page Gestalt Synthesis - which provides and overview of [...]

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Hyper-dimensional fractal cube reality

Hyper-dimensional fractal cube reality The underlying structure of most things in the universe appears to be cube or grid like. This appears to be how the universe creates order on a primordial abstract level. The fractal cube process and the unfolding of it, is how the universe expands. The process of fractal squares provides the framework for how the golden spiral or vortex is created. The process of cube outward unfolding/expansion is a masculine process, where as [...]

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You know an idea is revolutionary when TED decides to censor it.

TED recently removed the following two TEDx talks from it's youtube channel. The actions of TED are ironic and actually confirms the point of the above two talks. There truly is a war on consciousness and large parts of science are delusional about their objectivity. See the following for more information:   Also it appears the prestige of being 'curator' (Chris Anderson) of TED has gotten to his head to the point where he is [...]

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There is no single universe – the illusion of continuous matter & time

In a recent Google Tech Talk - The Quantum Conspiracy: What Popularizers of QM Don't Want You to Know Ron Garret makes the case for the "Zero-Worlds" theory. What I like about it is how it destroys our notion of an absolute materialistic universe and makes it appear as if our universe really is a construct of a matrix like quantum computer. He makes the case that that human brain is classical, like a turing machine [...]

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Fear & Hatred – misattributions of survival

Persistent fear and hatred both stem from an individuals perceived lack to manipulate his/her environment for survival. Most of these patterns are formed early in childhood long before a child learns how to speak. Humans unlike many animals when they are born, are completely dependent on a caregiver; usually their mother for survival. That survival is implicitly a form of social survival. In order for the child to feel secure it must feel adequate social [...]

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Archetypal Masculine & Feminine forces – the keys to creation

The Emerald Tablet written by Hermes Trismegistus contained the secret of transmutation of primordial substance. The tablet text contains the famous lines "As above, so below" and goes onto explain creation in the context of duality.  Understanding the duality of the masculine and the feminine is the key. Much of this wisdom has been lost thorough-out the ages resulting in grand misconceptions of what actually constitutes the masculine and feminine in their archetypal forms. Understanding these forces is more important now than ever, [...]

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The downfall of Darwanism and Freud – towards a new psychology

"Now: The beliefs of [Charles] Darwin and of [Sigmund] Freud alike have formed together to give you a different screen. Experience is accepted and perceived only as it is sieved through that screen. If Christendom saw man as blighted by original sin, Darwinian and Freudian views see him as part of a flawed species in which individual life rests precariously, ever at the beck and call of the species' needs, and with survival as the [...]

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Mass shooting – a natural reflection of society

Watching people react to the recent mass shooting is most intriguing. The things most people say are a concise reflection of how they deal with conflict themselves, and makes it very apparent how inadequate most people are at dealing with issues of a personal nature. Things I see: ban guns, more guns, bigger police state, less police state, less tv/video games, more religion, less anti-depressants, more love/kindness, sympathy, etc. Seems most people think societies problems [...]

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2012 to ∞…a new Spiritual Paradigm

"In your terms, until now your consciousness has specialized in neurological patterning. As mentioned, this was extremely important while it learned the art of specialized focus. Now, however, it must begin to recognize that it can indeed expand, and bring into its awareness other quite legitimate realities. The nature of probabilities must be understood, for the time has come in the world as you experience it where the greatest wisdom and discrimination are needed. Your [...]

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2012 -> 2075 Christ/Paul facilitated spiritual paradigm shift

"The historical Jesus knew who he was, but he also knew that he was one of three personalities composing one entity. To a large extent he shared in the memory of the other two. The third personality, mentioned many times by me, has not in your terms yet appeared, although his existence has been prophesied as the "Second Coming". Now these prophecies were given in terms of the current culture at that time, and therefore, [...]

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