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This page will be a resource directory for all things Eric Dollard Related. It covers content written by Mr. Dollard from the years of 2010 – 2012. For more recent information and updates please visit:  Eric is coming out now for the first time in 2 decades and releasing a lot of information that will change everything. His theories and ideas stemming from the works of Tesla, Steinmetz and Heaviside will revolutionize the field of physics & electrical engineering. In my opinion this man is smarter than Albert Einstein. You have to be in order to so eloquently debunk Einsteins theory of relativity. Please read The Work of Eric Dollard by Tom Brown for a brief summary into his research.

The following 8 transmissions/articles plus individual posts are my personal copy/paste accumulation of Eric’s posts on Energetic Forum, where his material appears under the alias T-Rex. The transmissions were originally written by hand and then mailed to David Webster who meticulously transcribed them to computer and posted them.

All posts appear in chronological order.


  1.  “Energy Defined” by E.P.Dollard (2011)
  2. “The Theory of Anti-Relativity” by E.P.Dollard (2011)
  3. “Metrical Dimensional Relations of the Aether” by E.P.Dollard (2011)
  4. “Four Quadrant Energy Exchange in Magnetic & Dielectric Fields of Induction” by E.P.Dollard (2012)
  5. “And in The Beginning, Versors” by E.P.Dollard (2012)
  6. “The Camp David Antenna” by E.P.Dollard (2012)
  7. “Symbolic Operators; Steinmetz to Pythagoras, Backward in Time” by E.P.Dollard (2012)
  8. Law of Electro-Magnetic Induction” by E.P.Dollard (2012)
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