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LMD – faster than the speed of light by ColoradoSpringsFilms

“This is a replication of Eric’s Dollard’s and Tom Brown’s Borderland Sciences video. This video compares the so called non existent longitudinal magneto-dielectric wave to the standard electro-magnetic wave. Sorry for any scuffs in audio quality. The results obtained in this video demonstrate that the speed of light is just a unit and can be exceeded. We are not bound to this. Also, calculating the resonant frequency of a free oscillating coil for LMD structure is of yet unknown. My appreciation towards all those who did the initial testing; this is a replication, but an important one.

Future tests with analog computers shall be on the way, although I’ve just read some interesting material on the ‘Od’ as the Baron Reichenbach puts it, and might become immersed.”


    • Jacques

      Hi there,

      Thank you for doing this replication. I really appreciate the simplicity in this replication as it shows to me that resonance can be achieved quite easily.

      One important fact to point out.. this same resonance needs to be achieved and used in:
      1) Gravity-Control/Anti-Gravity
      2) Stanley Meyer circuitry for efficient COP > 1.0 Hydrogen production
      3) COP > 1.0 energy generation

      Here is my question…

      Please could you supply the details your Signal Generator was set to. It is quite hard to see that in this video ?

      You may contact me on my email address.

      Kind Regards,

    • Nikola Tesla

      lol youtube removed the video :T
      Youtube = Illuminati confirmed -_-