God’s Needs…or lack there of

"Question: Why would you tell us to follow God’s Law, to obey your wishes, and then not tell us what you really want? God: Because there is nothing that I do want. And this is what you cannot understand or refuse to accept. There is nothing God wants or needs. God demands nothing, commands nothing, requires nothing, compels nothing. Teach this in your seminaries and your madrasas. God neither orders nor requests, insists nor expects [...]

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Top 5 Books that have Impacted me the most

Top 5 Books that have Impacted me the most For me the following books have had the greatest impact on my life thus far (in a somewhat loose order of importance): 1. The Seth Material - Channeled by Jane Roberts The Seth material in its entirety is probably some of  the greatest metaphysical works ever written. The material is highly philosophical and complex which discuss the fundamental spiritual nature of reality. The Seth Material covers a [...]

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Seth on Identity and Stability

"Identity, because of its characteristics, will continually seek stability, while stability is impossible . . . It is this dilemma between identity's constant attempts to maintain stability and action's inherent drive for change that results in the imbalance, the exquisite creative by-product that is consciousness . . . identity must seek stability while action must seek change, yet identity could not exist without change, for it is the result of action and a part of [...]

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Seth on conception of Time

"Any event that you perceive is only a portion of the true dimensionality of that event. The observer and the object perceived are a part of the same event, each changing the other. This interrelationship always exists in any system of reality and at any level of activity. In certain terms, for example, even an electron “knows” it is being observed through your instrument. ...Time and space are each the result of psychological properties. When [...]

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What does God have to say about Religion?

The following is an excerpt from the book Conversations With God - Book 2. This is what God has to say about Religion: "Because it is not good for you. Understand that in order for organized religion to succeed, it has to make people believe they need it. In order for people to put faith in something else, they must first lose faith in themselves. So the first task of organized religion is to make you lose [...]

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What is Hell?

It is the pain you suffer through wrong thinking. Yet even the term “wrong thinking” is a misnomer, because there is no such thing as that which is wrong. Hell is the opposite of joy. It is unfulfillment. It is knowing Who and What You Are, and failing to experience that. It is being less. That is hell, and there is none greater for your soul. But hell does not exist as this place you have fantasized, where you burn in some everlasting fire, or exist in some state of everlasting torment. What purpose could I have in that?

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Personal Ethical Paradigm

The following was an assignment that had to be max 1000words for my Ethics Class: My Personal Ethical Paradigm arises from the metaphysical idea of Pantheism. The belief that the entire universe is divine including living beings and inanimate matter forms the core basis on which all my moral and ethical beliefs is based on. Under this framework the entire universe is composed of conscious, sentient, self-aware energy. In conjunction with this is also the [...]

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