“Question: Why would you tell us to follow God’s Law, to obey your wishes, and then not tell us what you really want?


Because there is nothing that I do want. And this is what you cannot understand or refuse to accept.

There is nothing God wants or needs.

God demands nothing, commands nothing, requires nothing, compels nothing. Teach this in your seminaries and your madrasas.

God neither orders nor requests, insists nor expects anything. Tell this to your young.

I am the Author of Everything. I am the creator and the Created. There is nothing that is, that I am not. I have no need to give orders to anyone.

To whom would I give orders? There is no one to command but Me. I am the All in All. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. And whom would I punish were my orders not kept? Would I use my right hand to slap my left? Would I bite my nose to spite my face?

Your teachers and doctors of law, your priests and your ulamas, tell you that God is to be feared, for He is a vengeful God. You are to live in fear of God’s wrath, they say. You are to tremble in His presence. Your whole life you are to fear the terrible judgment of the Lord. For God is “just,” you are told. And God knows, you will be in trouble when you confront the terrible justice of the Lord. You are, therefore, to be obedient to God’s commands. Or else!

Most of you, therefore, spend much of your adult lives searching for the “right way” to worship God, to obey God, to serve God. The irony of all this is that I do not want your worship, I do not need your obedience, and it is not necessary to serve me.

These behaviors are the behaviors historically demanded of their subjects by monarchs–egomaniacal, insecure, tyrannical monarchs at that. They are not Godly demands in any sense, and it seems remarkable that the world hasn’t by now concluded that the demands are counterfeit, having nothing to do with the needs of Deity.

Deity has no needs. All That Is, is exactly that: all that is. It therefore wants, or lacks, nothing—by definition.

If you choose to believe in a God who somehow needs something—and has such hurt feelings if He doesn’t get it that He punishes those from who He expected to receive it—then you choose to believe in a God much smaller than I. You truly are Children of a lesser God.”

Source: The New Revelations – A Conversation with God by Neale Donald Walsch pg.116