“Any event that you perceive is only a portion of the true dimensionality of that event. The observer and the object perceived are a part of the same event, each changing the other. This interrelationship always exists in any system of reality and at any level of activity. In certain terms, for example, even an electron “knows” it is being observed through your instrument.

…Time and space are each the result of psychological properties. When you ask how old is the universe, or how old is the world, then you are taking for granted that time and space are somehow or other almost absolute qualities.

…Space, again, is a psychological property. So is time. The universe did not, then, begin at some specified point in time, or at any particular location in space-for it is true to say that all of space and all of time appeared simultaneously, and appear simultaneously.

You cannot pinpoint the location of consciousness.

When you are dreaming you cannot pinpoint your dream location in the same way that you can determine, say, the chair or the bureau that may sit on the floor by the bed in which you dream. The inner location is real, however, and meaningful activity can take place within it. Physical space exists in the same manner, except that it is a mass psychologically shared property-but at one “time” in the beginning this was not so.

In the beginning, physical space had the qualities that dream space has to you now. It seemed to have a more private nature, and only gradually, in those terms, did it become publicly shared.”

Source: Dreams, “Evolution”, and Value Fulfillment pg.164-165