Contrary to modern Einsteinian physics theories, the Aether has the possibility to explain many aspects of electrical phenomena that have remained mysterious to this day. Questions such as… what are magnetic and dielectric fields made up of  continue to elude us.

The Aether more commonly known now as Zero-point energy is a concept that has the potential to introduce a new paradigm in electrical engineering.  Many theories abound about it’s nature, but only a few have managed to demonstrate what appears to be violations of conventional physics dogma. After being interested in this field for over a decade I have decided to focus on three individuals as they appear to have made the greatest progress in this subject matter.

The works of a few other notable people that I have had interest in:

A few other people are Peter Lindemann, Thomas Brown, Jamie Buturuff, Wilhelm Reich, Thomas Valone, Keely & Hal Puthoff. Every single one of these people provides a piece to the puzzle.

There are many  youtube videos and lectures given by the above people in addition to many books they have written.

A lot of this theory is NOT taught in conventional schools. Tesla discovered things were decades beyond the comprehension of the people at his time. A lot of this knowledge will re-write theories from Einsteins theory of relativity to modern particle physics, and quantum physics. This stuff is incredibly exciting and it will create a technological revolution and a scientific one.


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