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Jim Murray – Dynaflux & SERPS

Jim Murray has largely stayed under the public radar for quite some time. He is a humble and witty man with some very unconventional ideas. He has worked along side Eric Dollard in the past and has had an avid interest in Nikola Tesla.

While Tesla may be most famous for his work with electricity, he was also very adept in the hard realm of mechanics. Sometimes conceptually and intuitively it’s easier to deal with mechanical forces than it is with electrical forces. And this is an area Jim Murray has excelled in.

Jim Murray has three prominent inventions that embody his life’s work and understanding. They are as follows:

  1. Dynaflux Alternator
  2. SERPS (Switched Energy Resonance Power Supply)
  3. Toroidal Rotating Transformer

Both of his alternators have the ability to function as generators or as motors.  His devices are of a special class of rotating electric machine making use of the principle of “reluctance”.

Reluctance motors and generators have been around for quite some time, but are generally speaking little known about. The thing about them that is unique when compared to AC and DC motor/generators is that the rotor does not have any windings and therefore does not have any current.

There are many different kinds of reluctance machines such as Asynchronous, Synchronous, Variable, Switched and Stepping. Now unless you have taken a motors course before these words may not mean much to you.

There are advantages and disadvantages to their design, but one unique thing about them is they dramatically reduce back-EMF due to their design.

Dyson for example uses reluctance motors in their vacuum cleaners to achieve speeds of up to 104,000 rpm!

See no windings on central shaft rotor.

The most important thing to understand is that Power and Energy are two completely different things.

  • Energy is measured in joules as a finite quantity with no respect to time
  • Power is measured in joules per second with respect to time

Theoretically you can derive an almost infinite amount of power from a small amount of energy. It all depends on the time frame. However there is another aspect to this that Jim Murray introduces that is particularly novel.

In conventional electrical terms it is thought energy can be only used once, and that all the energy is contained within the magnetic and dielectric fields.

Jim Murray makes the point that energy can be used multiple times over giving more power than has traditionally been thought possible. This “extra” energy comes from a momentum like component in electricity that has been largely ignored in the scientific community.

“Maxwell thought that all the electrical energy was carried in the magnetic and electrical fields. 30 years later Einstein and De Haas found that there was addition energy that was carried by the current itself and not by the fields. (They decided not to correct this.)

In a normal situation the reactive power is defined as a form of restorative power in which the average value is zero. The problem with that is the current and voltages are usually out of phase by 90 degrees so that you cannot use it. What this devise allows you to do is create watts that go back and forth doing the same thing and the watts become reactive.” (source)

This understanding forms the crux of Jim Murray’s inventions.

Reactive Power:

This instantly confuses pretty much everyone listening to Jim Murray. Most people when they hear the terms “reactive power” think current and voltage that are out of phase as in the traditional sense. THIS IS NOT WHAT JIM MURRAY MEANS. When current and voltage are out of phase you get the units called a “var”. When they are in phase you get real power in kW.

The condition of reactance is created by the phenomena of reflection. In normal reactive power a portion of the current independent of voltage is reflected meaning it is sent back to the source.

In Jim Murray’s case however current AND voltage are reflected back to the source at the same time and are considered “reactive” however in this case they are both in phase and thus instead of being reactive “vars” they are considered reactive “kW”.

This ability for energy to reflect on the same line causes an increase of power without violating the law of conservation of energy! This is what he terms Energy Resonance, which is NOT the same as frequency resonance.

This is the principle behind the SERPS technology which really was initially developed by Tesla when creating his Tesla Magnifying Transmitter. Reflection is what creates a standing wave and this while a well known phenomenon has some unique effects in electrical terms.

The Dynaflux Alternator

dynaflux jim murray

While it us unclear to me if the Dynaflux makes use of “Energy Resonance” in the reflected way… it does something else to recycle energy. The alternator works on the principle of pulsing a large magnetic field and causing a rotor to spin based on geometry. The energy used to pulse the rotor is recovered/recaptured and then sent back to the input. This is very similar to the Bedini spike capture technology in principle. It is also what Paul Babcock is attempting to do with his motor.

The unique thing about the dynflux is that it creates a rather interesting almost paradoxical case.

From the patent:

  • Overall Motor Efficiency=79.84%
  • “Apparent System Efficiency=2,606.296 watts/918.758 watts×100%=283.676%.

It’s the recovery of the energy used to spin the motor which creates this over-unity like condition.

Again energy can be recycled, more than thought possible leading to above 100% efficiency from a conventional point of view.

To reiterate, this is NOT free energy or a break in the law of conservation. This merely requires a paradigm change in what we think is possible to do with a finite quantity of energy. Eventually ALL the energy does get used up and released as heat, so this is NOT a perpetual motion machine. It can not be bootstrapped as one might think 100%+ efficiency implies.

The dynalfux or the SERPS will always require energy input, it’s just that they need less energy and can create more power. You can even send back more power than you are using, however you can not send back more energy than you are using.

Again the distinction between energy and power needs to be made crystal clear here.




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    • omelette

      Very good explanation regarding the power & energy difference. But with respect to the Dynaflux motor’s patent schematic, it still doesn’t change the fact that said-motor is generating 3.5HP from a line-input of just 919W – that’s 919W-in, 3.5 * 746 = 2611W-out. Using that 3.5HP to drive even a conventional generator could easily generate the 919W needed to power the Dynaflux – and around & around we go…

    • tz1

      This is the third or maybe fourth version of the same thing. Back in the 80s there was a “magnetic motor” that the USPTO wouldn’t issue a patent, was supposedly powering a car, but could not be inspected, etc. There was another in the 90’s. All mentioned Tesla. Most said they were tampered with or something when they couldn’t generate the power under controlled conditions or inspection.

      I’m waiting for a single independent proctored lock-box test. Put a battery of known capacity and whatever power in is required, and the device, and a known load, maybe light bulbs and fans. In a second box, put just the identical battery and load. See (with a livestream camera) how long it takes for both lights to go out. If the device does what it is advertised to, the box with the device should have the light glow for however many times the box without the device.

      Forget the physics-electrobabble, misusing technical words, or claims. If you have a patent, how about a kickstarter. I’d like a small box that could keep charging my phone from a small solar cell.

      • omelette

        If you have the money, why not get an O-cube from Steorn – no need for solar-cells to charge you phone (allegedly…). Though I’d want mine gold-plated for €1200! Also, the first OU-device (to my knowledge) that has ever been offered to the public. Apparently, it costs Steorn €500 to manufacture each O-cube, hence the astronomical price-tag.

        • tz1

          I prefer a plutonium thermopyle (Spartan 300 tie in?) like on Voyager.
          Wicked Pedia has coverage of Steorn:
          Steorn challenged the scientific community to investigate their claim[5] and, in December 2006, said that it had chosen a jury of scientists to do so.[6] In June 2009 the jury gave its unanimous verdict that Steorn had not demonstrated the production of energy.[7]

          • omelette

            ‘Wicked’ is apt. Their coverage of psychic matters is equally damning, despite the voluminous evidence to the contrary. Yet the likes of string-theory, virtual particles etc. are quoted as gospel, go figure. And to think that I donated to their ‘fund-raisers’ many times before I wised up – never again! Wikipedia is like Youtube in many regards – just ‘cos info is on there, it don’t mean it’s true.

            Steorn on the other hand never agreed with that verdict. Besides, this is different tech. It is also for-sale, and covered by a 1-year warranty – which makes it exclusive imo. Way too expensive though for what it does, so definitely not recommendation-to-buy

            • Why don’t you go post what you know on Wikipedia, which is open source?

            • William Thornton

              Wikipedia and many things are run covertly by the powers that be. You have to view many things as disinformation and read between the lines.

          • Where would you get the plutonium aside from a nuclear reactor?

    • Egregore

      He will disappear soon or be in some freak accident. They may let him live it out since he’s old and then just steal it and use it for a weapon. Either way it WILL become a weapon to kill millions unless the people get rid of the elite.

      • omelette

        If you do a bit of research, you will find a video featuring Jim Murray & his ‘reactive-power technology’. Apparently, the Japanese invested over $3,000,000 in his research into this – and yes, according to him, it worked! – only to discover that they would not be allowed to offer it to the public! The dynaflux on the other hand, is ‘old-tech’, the patent having been issued decades ago. However, within the last few months, an Aussie named TinManPower on youtube, while developing his “rotary-transformer” – basically, just a modified motor, so nothing as elaborate as the dynaflux – had his internet & phoneline cut for 2 days, and ‘invited’ to visit government offices for a chat. No conspiracy-theories here, as it is all documented in both the OU & OUR forums! So suppression is still alive & well, they just aren’t whacking as many as they used to!

      • MadMunchkin

        Citation, please. Can anyone please name one–just one–“alternative energy” inventor that has been murdered or “disappeared?
        If it actually pans out, someone will find a way to capitalize on it. Otherwise, here’s two words for you: Paul Pantone.

    • Hamburger

      But wait, there’s more!

      • Sal Delvisco

        ORDER NOW!

    • Sal Delvisco

      I’m perplexed as to why development of this stuff hasn’t been brought into the new sharing world. Why the need for government approval or patent? Free citizens combining their knowledge and resources for development of something like this would prove difficult to stop or cover up. This is a new age. We need to try something new.

      • You need corporate banksters approval.

      • omelette

        “Free citizens…” – I think you have been misinformed. You spend your life working for a worthless fiat-currency, with which you must then use to house, clothe & feed yourself. Real slaves of yesteryear had all of these basics provided for, the only real difference being between then and now, they knew they were slaves! It’s brilliant when you think about it – not only do we work for nothing of any intrinsic value (fiat currencies, being debt-based, actually have a negative value) we (must) also provide for outselves, with most also shackling themselves with crippling debt. One other statistic, even when banks aren’t being bailed out, at least 30% of all morgages will be forclosed within the lifetime of the morgage – that means, the banksters just need to sit back, do nothing, and will be gifted at least a third of everything of any real value! Unfortunately, your average person is too dumb to take any of this on-board, which is why we are where we are…

    • Watts are voltage times current, energy, times time equals power.
      Until working models are presented, semantics can’t power anything.

      • . . . Just wait until Eye unveil my prototype “Indoor & Totally-Enclosed Solar-Powered Energy Generator” — which DOES NOT RELAY UPON the presence of the ‘actual’ sun – ANYWHERE – to function PERFECTLY !!

        In fact, it is currently “in operation” in my completely-enclosed, darkened basement and providing all the needed light & power required by my domicile. (And, not to mention, the multitude of requests from “inventor-help” organizations that have been “pounding a path to my door” to ‘*HELP*’ with its patenting, major development & marketing of, and, of course the “profiting” from such…)

        But, ALAS . . . EYE am NOT interested in the “greed aspect” in the slightest — as this “Idea” – “Concept” – albeit, “Invention” … SHALL BE GIVEN to the world, just as the Polio vaccine (with which my family has had multiple past ‘experiences’) was “gifted” to society at-large by benevolent doctor-scientists…

        And, amazingly enough, this basic device can be built-at-Home by any common-sense individual — and would make ANYONE, truly interested, in becoming totally independent & “Off-Grid” with respect to energy-dependence on ALL outside sources !! . . . [ALSO: Ask me about my two extant “P.M.D.’s (Perpetual Motion Devices);” and, a ‘3rd One’ “in the works” — which rely upon, believe it or not, TWO THINGS (PHENOMENA), individually, that “exist” here on Earth “at ALL TIMES & in ALL PLACES” — and they are NOT:

        …Wind …Solar …Water …Gas …Fossil Fuels, etc. . . .


        • The Thinker

          I have built one of your “Indoor & Totally-Enclosed Solar-Powered Energy Generators” and have it running in my totally dark basement and it indeed does produce enough power to keep my basement at a Lighted level where it produces power…. total darkness

          as such, I consider this a TOTAL Success, and I may put together a website and sell my plans for $47, a discount from the “regular” asking price of $1,000. (which it would be totally worth it, considering there is absolutely NO cost in producing the required output)

        • William Thornton

          There is nothing benevolent about vaccines. They are damaging to people’s health.

    • sabreur

      Good luck Jim, I hope for mankind’s sake you will opensource these technologies and put them legally in the public domain quickly. Disruptive tech like this should be open to the people and not squashed by governments like Tesla’s was or monopolized so that the only ones benefiting are corporations. Putting information onto the internet in the right way will ensure it cannot be controlled by even the most tyrannical of governments.

    • The Thinker

      until someone actually makes one, this is all just a scam theory