Species of Consciousness – the animal man connection

Species of Consciousness - the animal man connection "From approximately 50 million to 30 million years ago there were innumerable species that would now seem to you to be mutated forms. The distinction between man-animal and animal-man was not as clear as it is in your time. In some ways consciousness was more mobile, less centered, and more experimental. That early rapport, that early mixture, would later be remembered in [...]

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Seth on the Contradictory Beliefs most people hold

  "Such judgments are very simplistic, and ignore the great range of human motivation and experience. If you are bound and determined that "GOD" creates only "good", then any physical deficiency, illness or deformity becomes an affront to your belief, threatens it, and makes you angry and resentful. If you become ill you can hate yourself for not being what you think you should be — a perfect physical image made in the likeness of [...]

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Seth on the similarities between Christianity & Buddhism

Seth on the similarities between Christianity & Buddhism "Now you may believe in the theories of Buddhism, for example, or of another Eastern philosophy. The differences between any of those systems of thought and Christianity may be so apparent that the similarities escape you. You may follow one of the schools of Buddhism in which great stress is laid upon the denial of the body, discipline of the flesh, and the avoidance of desire. These [...]

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Seth on Creative Aggression

Seth on Creative Aggression The following are excerpts from Chapter 10 & 11 of: The Nature of Personal Reality "A dream may be purposely experienced to provide an outlet of a kind that is missing in your daily life." "Dreams of a strongly aggressive nature in this context may be very beneficial to a given individual, allowing the release of usually inhibited feelings and freeing the body from tension." "The schools of "positive thinking" try to remedy the situation, but often [...]

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Seth on justifying existence via insecurity

Seth on justifying existence via insecurity "The same artificial need to vindicate being is present in many of my readers, and various core beliefs may be built up to hide this inner insecurity. You may "justify your life" by biological creativity, and then latch onto your children and never want to let go. You may use your career instead. But in all cases you must come to grips with such unnecessary ideas, face the reality of your creaturehood, and [...]

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Seth on Identity and Stability

"Identity, because of its characteristics, will continually seek stability, while stability is impossible . . . It is this dilemma between identity's constant attempts to maintain stability and action's inherent drive for change that results in the imbalance, the exquisite creative by-product that is consciousness . . . identity must seek stability while action must seek change, yet identity could not exist without change, for it is the result of action and a part of [...]

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Seth on conception of Time

"Any event that you perceive is only a portion of the true dimensionality of that event. The observer and the object perceived are a part of the same event, each changing the other. This interrelationship always exists in any system of reality and at any level of activity. In certain terms, for example, even an electron “knows” it is being observed through your instrument. ...Time and space are each the result of psychological properties. When [...]

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