Denial of own emotions = denial of others emotions

"the more educated you are, the more entrenched you are in your denial. It's not that education leads to more openness, education leads to less openness. Because what it does is that the intellectual weapons that you gain and sharpen in the course of your post graduate education, actually allow you to use your weapon and marshal it to the service of your denial...but the denial comes first." "and that denial is really about peoples [...]

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Why all your insecurities come from your Parents

Possibly one of the most important videos I have ever watched in my life. Gabor Mate explores the taboo subject of bad parenting and how it causes nearly all problems in society at it's root. If society is to evolve past it's infant like state it will have to heed the words of Dr.Mate. In it he discusses where nearly all chronic illness comes from and relationships issues that we are often doomed to repeat [...]

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