Watching people react to the recent mass shooting is most intriguing. The things most people say are a concise reflection of how they deal with conflict themselves, and makes it very apparent how inadequate most people are at dealing with issues of a personal nature. Things I see: ban guns, more guns, bigger police state, less police state, less tv/video games, more religion, less anti-depressants, more love/kindness, sympathy, etc. Seems most people think societies problems can somehow be fixed, by just “doing” different.

None of these suggestions however address the question of WHY a fellow human “being” would do such a thing in the first place and WHY society continuously creates the context for them. Most people act with surprise when these kind of things happen as if they don’t understand how inner turmoil drives people to the brink of insanity.

There is a cognitive dissonance here, and inherent hypocrisy. All humans have some inner conflict, and the more they repress and ignore their own inner emotions of unease and don’t work through their personal issues, the more they reinforce that very strategy for everyone else. It is no wonder that monsters are created. These events are a wake-up call for people to examine their own emotional lives and are an impetus to change themselves. For the longer people hold back on their own personal emotional development the more they have a hand in creating these very kind of events.