Having recently read the book The Magus of Java: Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal I have become extremely interested in the cultivating of Yin Chi and Yang Chi bio energies. John Chang from the lineage of Mo Pai appears to be the most advanced person on the planet in terms of utilizing this unique form of energy.

Abilities he has demonstrated include:

  • Pyrokinesis
  • Telekinesis
  • Ability to Heal people western medicine can’t
  • Rudimentary Levitation
  • Communicating with a Kris (a type of dagger imbued with a person’s spirit)
  • Communicating with Spirits
  • Electrogenesis
  • Astral Travelling

For an overview of John Chang’s amazing supernatural abilities check out:


Nei Kung is fundamentally different than Chi Kung, in that Chi Kung only uses yang (masculine) energy. Nei Kung utilizes both yin and yang (feminine & masculine combined) thus making it infinitely more powerful. The yin energy is also known as Kundalini in the Sanskrit tradition. It is surprising how very few traditional subtle energy systems actually utilize yin (feminine) energy let a lone make a distinction between yang and yin,  just calling the two different forms ambiguously “chi”, “prana”, “ki” or “energy”. If a system doesn’t make a distinction it almost always only utilizes the masculine yang energy. A serious limitation. The ultimate goal of Nei Kung is two merge Yin and Yang, this is also known as spiritual alchemy or Neidan.

Yin and Yang have a remarkable similarity to Dielectricity and Magnetism. In fact it appears they are one and the same thing. I believe Eric Dollard’s work is the scientific basis for explaining how Yin and Yang Chi work. What John Chang can do with his body, Eric Dollard can do with technology. The theoretical basis of this knowledge appears to stem originally from India and the aspects of Pranayama, Kundalini & Tantra. The Mo Pai technique involves a series of levels each one with specific mediation & isometric muscle contraciton techniques. In total there are 72 levels in this system. Rudimentary descriptions of what happens energetically in the first four levels is given in The Magus of Java Book but no technique. It appears the techniques are kept secret and the students swear an oath to keep it that way.

John Chang appears to have been psychically aware of about 10 other people in china that are at a similar level to him. Although he appears to have not met them or seriously sought them out.

John Chang had accepted five western students. He currently does not teach anymore and a new person has taken over the Mo Pai school who appears to have no desire to teach any westerners. Thus the Mo Pai tradition is kept extremely exclusive. And maybe this is a good thing.

The 5 students are as follows:

  1. Jim McMillan
  2. Kosta Danaos
  3. Andreas
  4. and 5. unknown


1. Jim McMillan (American)

Of the five students Jim McMillan is supposed to have attained the highest level (level 3) of all of John Chang’s Mo Pai students including even his ethnic Asian students. He has recently published a book Seeking the Master of Mo Pai: Adventures with John Chang. Having personally read it, I don’t recommend it. The book is poorly written and contains very, very little information on Mo Pai. It reads almost entirely like a travel journal. Of the 262 pages there are maybe 3 that contain some interesting information.

Some other resources about Jim are:

Jim claims that he has found other schools that teach Mo Pai in China. (Lead to follow up on.)


2. Kosta Danaos (Greek)
Kosta is famous for bringing the story of John Chang into mass media in book form. His book book The Magus of Java: Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal is an incredible tale and provides much knowledge. However he can be a bit over zealous at times and appears to have a bit of an ego and is wrapped up in some serious nationalistic Greek pride. Jim disputes some of the claims Kosta makes in his book about John Chang, but it appears there are is no major disagreements. Kosta published a second book Nei Kung: The Secret Teaching of the Warrior Sages. I haven’t read it yet, but will soon.


From what I can tell Kosta Danaos is a pseudonym for Kostas Dervenis.(according to his website :Pammmachon.) It also appears Kosta is disenchanted by Mo Pai….or something happened because it doesn’t appear he is pursuing it anymore. It is rumored on the internet he got kicked out of Mo Pai a while back and I wouldn’t be surprised.


3. Andreas (Australian)


has a website? [email protected] ?
Calls John Chang: Sher-fu.
“Sher-fu doesnt heal anymore either.”
“The Mo-Pai and schools like it are the originators of accupunture because they could feel the flow of chi through their bodies.”
“general misconception in the Western martial arts world. There are 2 types of practices, Qi-kong & Nei-Kong. Qi-kong involves breathing, meditation & specialized excercise. Once the yin & yang have been joined ie Level 4, then Nei-kong training begins. “


Other Notes:
  • Chang San Fung reached level 72
  • There is a “Shifu Lin” who has very recently published 3 books on Mo Pai on amazon….don’t know if this is authentic or not…is this Andreas? Publisher is called Lung Hu Shan
  • Tummo Yoga – from Tibetan Buddhism ……similarities to Mo Pai

Lama Dondrup Dorje – Tai Chi

This guy appears to have abilities equally as impressive as John Chang. At least the videos are impressive. I don’t know much about his system but I endeavor to find out more. I’m curious if he is capable of pyrokinesis and if he makes a formal distinction between yang chi and yin chi. Also if he is willing to teach how he accomplishes his energetic feats.

David Verdesi

Trained under immortal masters via Thunder and Lightning Path (Lei Shan Dao) and Vajra in the mountains of China. Successfully merged Yang and Yin equivalent to level 4 in Mo Pai. Anthropologist by training, synthesizes powerful shamanic practices from across the world. David appears to be very well connected with most people in China that are relatively advanced.



My ultimate goal is to learn Mo Pai Nei Kung or another system equally as powerful. I am a bit hung up on Mo Pai as it appears no other system comes even close in terms of its refinement and power. Such systems take enormous dedication and I would see it as a bit of a waste not to learn from the best. If anyone is aware aware of any other quality sources on Mo Pai knowledge not linked above let me know. Also if anyone thinks they know of a superior system to Mo Pai, or a rough equivalent please let me know.


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  • A friend of Jim’s

    Jim’s email is [email protected]

    He is an unbelievably nice guy and willing to help anyone he can.

    • naji achraf

      please i am looking for mo pai levels training!could you help?this is my email [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    Very good research, indeed. But you need to know, these systems aren’t meant for ‘supernatural’ powers or so. Really, this is why these schools are closed from westerners and other seekers since their whole mindset/goal is to achieve abilities. People who believe in this way will get no where, since their mind is focused on the wrong thing, it’s the ego that needs to be destroyed before going onto these systems.

    And most of these people who claim to know MoPai or somesort offer high priceses for basic teachings – these are just scammers, most charge up to $3000, etc. Don’t waste your money on these people. The real people are the one’s isolated from society and live without anything, these are the people who will get somewhere in true spirituality/enlightenment.

    The secret is, is meditation. There’s no secret technique/method that can make you all powerful, etc. That’s all a delusion and ego. Get into the deeper aspects of meditation, read ancient yoga sanskrits(this is where all of the systems are from), etc. Then you’ll see the truth of all. Hope this helps, sorry if this offends anyone trying to seek powers, etc.

  • gal

    Does any one know what he meant by the writer of the article when he said that Jim knows places of mo pai training in China?
    Where are these places?

    • Cypher

      First thing first , No sex or masturbating and if so wait three days before resuming practice. For woman do not practice three days before and after a period this may be hard to track due to your lack of internal studies and balanced diet\lifestyle, the sex rule still applies and if you’re taking birth control do not bother with this practice your better off just being a slave to society with the rest of the sheep or you could change your life goals but I would wait four seasons before even starting this practice after quieting birth control, it might not seem fair for woman but you have to realize YOU CAN BARE LIFE that is why your are different, men are simple because there are balls of muscle designed to protect you and your your child, it’s like comparing dirt to a tree. If you break this rule you better hope you’re doing everything else wrong, it can go as far as stroke,heart attack or slow\fast death at extremes.

      Now forget everything your hippy friend taught you:

      1) There can be no synthetic materials between you and the earth, that means no yoga mattes or most cushions even you’re under ware might not be 100% cotton and even then, they are often coated with formaldehyde. Think hard about what is under you, it makes all the difference.

      2) Position is somewhat trivial, optimal is thumb to pointer finger touching/half or full lotus but it is possible to advance even if you have no arms or legs, it all makes a small difference at first. With five solid years of practice under your belt it will be a different story and you will know. And the man with no legs or arms will be able to cope as well. It’s all a matter of closing a circuit so there is a vary little loss of energy.

      3) Meditation is one of the biggest money wasting misconceptions, your are wired to meditate and you do it all the time, some examples are day dreaming, pooping, listening to music, that lack of thinking when you wake up, sleeping, walking, driving Etc. Pretty much you are not meditating when you are likely talking or in a high state of action. The real trick is focus, and that is a separate ball game all to together. Imagine getting your picture taken for instance, the camera man says “cheese” and you have already been meditating without knowing it, then you shift your focus from “when is this guy going to say (say cheese) to me” to smiling, witch lasts maybe three seconds before the smile starts to look fake, that is your focus moving to some other topic related to the situation or not. You can see the focus moving on the person face. Some cultures seen this more as ones soul … and maybe there right. So you can consider meditation as a vehicle and focus is the crazy brat in the back seat. As a side note focus can be split many ways simultaneously.
      Now when ready check 1,2 and sit /meditate then focus on your Dan Tien, this is an obscure area that you wont feel for some time, reverse breath to start packing energy into that general area, when there is a good deal of energy packed their day to day you will feel hints of it , as you progress so shall it. You’re going to be in the 20-300 hour of practice range to notice it, you’re going to be in the 200-800 hour range of practice to fill it. Do it at whatever pace you feel like(10 mins a day to 24 hours a day) it’s your art form at that point and your body. If something hurts lay off somewhat, like anything you do. And simply put 1. is Grounding 2. is closed circuit 3. is Generating\capacitating – This is Level One and it should keep you busy for 1-7 years or 200-800 hours ruffly and the result is good health, supernatural powers for lack of a better term would be about 9-80 years off from that point so you might want to just keep adding nonsensical thoughts to forums instead of ever doing anything with your life, and yes that is a challenge.
      P.S By the time you’re done Level One, Level Two will be as public as this if your one of those people that cannot be fulfilled by taxes and concrete

      • Mem

        Hello Cypher,

        I have some information which you may find very intersting and may help you. If you would like to chat then please feel free to email me at [email protected]

        • Cypher

          You see I have a path, one that I am not willing to step off of. And there is nothing that I need to know about it, that is all done. I am here to teach, and then I am not here.Therefore relevant questions are welcomed James, otherwise you and ever other person that see’s this should go train.

          • gal

            You did not answer the question
            Someone knows where there are schools of mo pai?

      • Larry Runnels

        Thank you. I was on the right path and went through a time of unreal pain and a feeling like my head would explode at climactic point of sex with my wife. I am back on course and will stop before that point in the future. At what level is orgasm not detrimental? [email protected]. Thank you

      • Sam-O

        Cypher, Do you reccomend any sources for study? teachers or books?

      • arin

        cypher where do we find out how to move on to level 2

      • Myself

        Are you still around? Thanks

      • nick

        I don’t care about powers or what ever I just want peace for my self where did you learn what you know? Please reply [email protected]

      • Alex

        Cypher, I would like to say thankyou for the information for level one, I will start training as soon as possible, could you give me your email address so if I have questions and also you can track my progress here’s my email address [email protected]

      • VesnaAnastasia Božović

        wish to connect to cyber

  • gal

    Is the Lama Dondrup Dorje – Tai Chi will teach? If so where?
    And what it Tummo Yoga? Is it open to foreigners from the West?

  • Raptor

    Well, in response to gal. My dear friend, Lama Dondrup Dorje is a complete scam, please do not believe all you see in videos and hiding behind nice explanations and words. Theory is good but is the application that counts.
    I m saying what I m saying because I have personal experience about this person. You would think that what he preaches can be applied to actually everybody like John Ghang does to his patients which they don’t have any special relationship with him and what I mean by that :
    I personally with a friend together went to one of his lessons while he was back in Greece in the centre of Athens, Syntagma in 2008 if I remember correctly. We challenged him in front of all his students/sheeps that were present and two of them are considered his loyal followers. In an effort to show us what he meant by bubble energy he tried to push us with a tai chi kind of movement, but there was no result. My friend kept asking him why it doesn’t work and all he could say was that we weren’t open enough. Now what that means you tell me, is it because we didn’t pretend flying back like every one else did on his videos. He tried then to one of his students/stupids sheeps (forgive me for the inappropriateness ) and he all of a sudden flew to the back of the room. In a word BS, and not to mention when we start asking him questions about his previous knowledge he said that he was practising kung fu and tai chi and that he had achieved great level… Going further with questions he became kind of upset and nervous with my friend because he was criticizing his teachings….Now a teacher of his excellence and level to become so upset with two mortals, instead of staying calm and trying to convince us…come on who are we kidding now…he is supposed to have achieved enlightenment levels of mental ability but I guess we weren’t open enough for him… My friend please stay calm and devote your energy to your health and progress and enhance a complete fitness regime and you ll see levels of energy like never before, don’t waste your money on BS, and we mean a lot of money, some people are weak and want someone to lead them thinking they have found truth. There is nothing better than personal sincere effort and receiving the benefits of your own sweat.
    Hope i helped although I know I ll be judged by some but what matters is personal experience and truth.
    I m saying that there aren’t any great masters out there but for sure he is not one of them.

  • ka yeng vang

    How do u feel when u meditate……..

  • ka yeng vang

    I want to be a student

  • If you are in Surabaya then you should contact Shifu Y or Shifu BD. The latter is very easy to find, and the former is also pretty easy to find if you ask around schools in the area. This of course, assumes you are Chinese, which is currently a requirement of the Indonesian school.

    If you are outside of the area, you should simply learn from Shifu Lin, whose works you can find here:


    I have found them very helpful. He is also willing to teach non-Chinese the Mo Pai Nei Kung system up through the level of Yin Yang Kung. Contact him at [email protected] for more information.

    • andreas

      i’m sorry, i’m in surabaya ……..how can study mo pai in School ? where can i find shifu y or shifu bd ? thx ………….

      best regard.


    • andreas

      i’m sorry, i’m in surabaya ….. i’m interested with mo pai kungfu ……..how can study mo pai in School ? where can i find shifu y or shifu bd ? thx ………….

      best regard.


  • SJS

    Method given by Cypher is very very effective, been training internal methods from when i was 16 years old and frightened myself and left it alone, i am now 45 and have been practicing from since 2005.
    Qi is real, i believe many feats are just (positive) side effects of containing/controlling energy. When that constant squeeze feeling became present in my dan tien i had no idea. The effects change though, in the past couple of years any focus on my dan tien leads to the centre of my palms alone becoming warm then hot, it’s quite interesting. I never doubted Qi from when i was young, but as far as i’m concerned i still know nothing. John Chang was the type of teacher i was looking for when i was young and used to hang around China Town as a teenager hoping to find, see, hear just something. In reality we should show great respect to people who share this knowledge and simply ignore the frauds. No wonder the true skilled stay hidden. For 90% of people there is no room in their life for what they consider as trickery, witchcraft, spirituality etc etc………..It seems a negative human condition for people to want ‘power’ and when they have it what will they do with it?
    Peace and love to you all.

  • Lenny Hipp

    when is the world going to wake up, smell the coffee, and develop critical thinking skills?

    seriously. WHY is it that all these tired tricks are the same lame and old carny tricks?! WHY nothing new? WHY do they fail double blind tests EVERY SINGLE TIME?! they fail miserably when properly tested!


    • SJS

      I understand your comments. They match how the majority think, and in reality it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks. John Chang had credible tests done by credible people, i know the things he has done can be done using trickery, this doesn’t mean they are not tricks, but it also does not mean they are. Again, it doesn’t matter what any of us think. At some point, people will start to discredit those who performed the tests on John Chang because they cannot discredit him directly.


  • Shadow

    Mopai has only one teacher. And that is not Shifu Lin. The one and only teacher of mopai is the man in the Kosta’s book. I don’t know who is Shifu Lin. And what is Yin yangkung.

    For all of you, the mopai seeker. Don’t seek again. Because the door is closed. Even if you live in Surabaya. There are a lot of people live in Surabaya want to learn mopai but they don’t know how. The rule in mopai is you have to introduced by mopai student. But so hard to know who is mopai student. Because they will never write on facebook or twitter if they are mopai student. Mopai is a big family. All are brothers. Learning is FREE of CHARGE. So if there are some shifu sell some tutorial books about mopai, and teach mopai (like mr. Lin). That is not Mopai.

    How do I know? Because I am Mopai. But you will not know who I am.

    • older person

      Well Shadow, it is good to see the teachings ARE at least being continued to the next generation. I saw that film you talk about. It is a shame he was taken advantage of by a Western student. It was also a shame he was influenced that one time by Western ego, so he quickly learned how pervasive such mindset can be, and why it is a more devolved way of thinking, regardless of what others here understand. Eastern thinking is more natural to the mind/body than Western. Western is an influence intentionally propagated in order to gain ‘control over’ peoples in eventuality. It has worked, sad to say.

      I pray long life to this teacher/healer. I have always wondered “what is Yin style meditation?, why are all others in existence Yang?” Of course, I do not understand much of these things, but this statement has stuck in my heart. Thus, I know it is important to mankind, and he learned some great lessons about regular people. Such persons need their anonymity, their space, their peace in order to help without being bombarded by people with ego problems. Thanks for posting Shadow, this made me feel better.

    • goog

      I only wish each and one of you balance…
      in everything you do and who you are

    • Cuca

      Shadow I’m interested in the meditation system of mopai.

      Could you contact me in [email protected] so that we can talk?

      thank you

    • Peter Fong

      I want to learn real bad. Not seeking is just not acceptable to me. Please introduce me into the Mo Pai family. I am willing to do almost anything.

  • Jan

    hi shadow,
    why is the door closed?
    shouldn’t it be open for all who want to grow & serve other people?

  • gal

    yuo don’t want more people spiritual?

  • TIM

    i really wish to get a way how to look for Master John, can any one help me?

  • Seeker

    Shadow and others, are the publications of shifu Lin useful to get going in mopai up to level 3? What is the level 1 method and does anyone still teach it in the west?

  • what if one were to ingest the philosopher stone? what would that do.

  • GoldernPalace

    I need a Nei Kung teacher, too many interesting things have happened involving internal energy, I feel I need a teacher for me to progress. Sometimes we stumble across things and they help us move forward. All I know is that Dan Tien pain disabled me for number of times in the past 2 -3 years and only meditation cooled/soothed it. When the energy got to my head it was like a stampede of horses running through me, the occurring vision was very powerful too and very beautiful. The body definitely goes through some changes, I now have constant spine electricity going up to the top of my head which tingles intensely, also pressure and intense tingling at the point just between the eyes slightly above the brow which are all their most intense while meditating.. This is dangerous stuff for certain. I can see where people would loose it with the deep deep meditations.
    Reaching out is what i’m doing here, after speaking to certain people it seems I have to have thousands of dollars/pounds to get any helpful information, money I don’t have.
    It is all very real, that old adage he who feels it knows it. The description of training methods given above should be taken with great caution, I am not a teacher or at any level really but this stuff is no joke, with the wonderful comes danger. No matter how tough, clever or wise you think you are………
    All that aside, I now seek real guidance, I have only experienced a billionth of it……….

  • Nobody

    I can do the last one on the list, but I refuse to speak to spirits being wary, and stopped. but using energy that way interests me a lot, I’m sure anyone can do this their own way but it is a risk, just like hitting a concrete wall to condition your knuckles

  • Nobody

    Anyone can achieve these abilities, I can do the last one listed on the list , I never spoke to what I saw as spirits because I was wary, It’s a risk like conditioning your knuckles on concrete..
    I stopped doing astral projection before sleep.
    But being able to use energy in this way interests me very much, I’d love to have a fire fist :).
    But communicating with the unknown is a risk to me, I am what you would call a westerner.

  • Prana Dude

    Hi everyone. I’ve been following the nei Kung discussion and here are some observations.
    1. Yin energy is not kundalini it is apana. Yan energy is prana. Those who study pranayama will see that nei Kung is just pranayama
    2. Uniting Apana and prana in the navel centre is an early level of pranayama – this seems to correspond to level 3 of mo pai
    3. The awakening and rising of kundalini is an entirely different topic and the mystic powers come at that point

    For anyone interested in mo pai, read the book on pranayama by swami Sivananda – he was a level 72 master and did not restrict his teachings to any faith or nationality.

    Thx – prana dude

    • Tony

      I agree with most of the things you said. Mo Pai Nei Kung itself seems to me a modified and rather flawed system of Pa.

  • Whitefox

    I’am wondering if Jim McMillan is willing to teach. If so I’m willing to learn.

  • James T

    I am very interested in learning mo pei. I can make the chi around my two palms and that’s stuff is easy. But I am questioning if some one willing to be friendly enough to tell me what I should think and feel further in my mind when I meditate and feel my blood flow or (something is running on my brain to spine to the rest of my body), finger tips energy and every parts of my body seems to float. Any one with experience of mo pei level one can you please direct me what to do or how to reach level one of mo pei? I am a very spiritual person as one of my master told me onced and I believe I am so very much.. It would be awesome for any advice or suggestion from you.. My email is [email protected]

  • Yue Hua

    As a chi healer, I don’t understand why the author claims chi king olny uses yang energy. Yang is a relative term anyway, so this really makes no sense.
    Then he says Kundalini is yin? Kundalini is a different model of energy wording altogether. You might was well say yoga is yang and reiki is yin.
    I think it would be more beneficial in the long run to focus less on the flashy waste of chi and more on the internal cultivation of balanced chi in unblocked meridians, learn to run your chi through the micro- and macrocosmic orbits etc – you will get the same results with better health and understanding, and hence less frustration.

    • Jab

      I never heard that chi kung just uses yang.I have a good teacher and have been doing it along with meditation for 10 years to cultivate chi.

  • Gal Yehuda


    I want to know abut The Ten Fetters,

    Is it possible to break the doubt before you break the belief in the self

    And is there a particular order should break them one by one?

    Thanks for the reply


  • Have you found anyone to teach you ? I am interested also.

  • John Higginbotham

    Have you heard of Falun dafa / Falun gong?
    This technique is the simplest and most advanced chi cultivation technique available. Tai chi is an Atari 2600, chi gong is a first generation desktop PC, Falun dafa is a quantum super computer coming out in ten years. Its simple and immediate. The first day you do it, chi is stimulated on just one of the five exercises. For weeks, maybe longer. It is so powerful, China has made it illegal. If you seek the strengthening of your chi, look into it, there is nothing more effacious.
    Combine this with sun gazing and your abilities will grow by orders of magnitude. Chi is the energy of the earth, our mother. It is one of the snakes climbing the staff of Hermes. The other snake is the divine spark from our father, the supreme creator. Falun dafa strengthens chi, sun gazing strengthens our connection to the divine spark.

    Godspeed, seeker may fortune favor you.
    [email protected]

  • Tony

    There are many systems at least in India which are as powerful if not more powerful than Nei Kung. In fact Mo Pai Nei Kung is itself based on Amoghasiddhi technique of Vajrayana Buddhism which itself originated in India.

    In india at present there are famous systems like Laya Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Kevali Kumbhak which are as powerful and sophisticated as Mo Pai Nei Kung, the only problem is finding a good teacher in these disciplines.

    Among lesser known systems are techniques like Bala-Atibala. A friend of mine practised this technique and displayed many abilities similar to John Chang.

  • Phillip Reed

    Hello, Im an Australian and keen to start on Mo Pai levels as determined as jim mcmillan, i have no idea where to start, i’ve read a few books and im a part of Avatar Energy Mastery Institute currently at path to mastery level, I can feel the 2 energies and can draw them up, i have the first sign of heat like jim’s book says but i read there is “forms” and other “aspects” to do while doing level 1-2, let alone level 3-4. but reading enter mo pai by james gelder gave more info on what to do. I’ll be continuing training from the info contained in the books and hope someone with the forms to do so i can complete all the other levels