Ozone Shock Treatment Procedure

I wrote up the following Ozone Shock treatment procedure for use with the UV PRO 6800 Ozone generator.
Ozone is much more effective at removing mould than using chemicals via a fog machine. Ozone breaks down into standard oxygen and leaves no chemical residue.
Ozone is more environmentally friendly because of this and safer long term. Ozone can also be used to kill insects within confined rooms.
Ozone is a powerful oxidant and is VERY DANGEROUS in high concentrations to all living life forms.
Improper use of an ozone generator can result in DEATH.
All visible mould must first be physically removed, or washed clean; ideally using 30% Hydrogen Peroxide or bleach, before ozone treatment is initiated.
1. The room to be decontaminated MUST be sealed off and airtight from all adjacent rooms, on the sides, below and above.
2. Have an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) specialist/contractor confirm that there is no airflow between rooms.
3. If rooms have shared ventilation system, tape up and seal vents between rooms, and turn off any A/C or cross-room furnaces.
4. Any gaps or space around doors must also be sealed.
5. All living plants and animals MUST be removed from the room that is to be decontaminated.
6. NO PERSON is allowed to be in the same room while the ozone generator is turned on.
7. The room being decontaminated should have the ceiling fan set on high for maximum air flow WITHIN the room.
8. Bring in additional fans and point at areas where water leaked in, or there was serious mould issues for maximum airflow to problem areas.
9. Open ALL cupboards and drawers, so ozone can get inside.
10. Place the ozone generator in the centre of the room at least 4 feet off the ground for maximal airflow.
11. Have the UV6800 at full power (all bulbs turned on) and set the timer to run for the following specifications for each room to be decontaminated.
      (24 hours for small rooms <500sq feet, 48hours for medium rooms 500-1000sq feet, & 72 hours for large rooms >1000sq feet)
12. Entry to the room should only happen 6 hours after the unit has turned off and treatment has been complete.
13. Air room out by opening windows, for 72 hours.
14. The one shot timer works by pressing the button for desired time amount, and then turning the power switch to the OFF position. The unit well then shut itself off after the allotted time. YOU MUST DO THIS, or else the ozone machine will continue to operate and it will be dangerous to reneter the area to turn it off.