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The primary function of this site is to  keep a live journal of all my various thoughts and ideas on many subjects.

Jonathan ZerbinThis site will act as a repository for various works I have written and collected on subjects mostly dealing with spirituality, metaphysics and energy synthesis. Spirituality primarily being about personal and emotional growth. Metaphysics being about bridging the gap between the tangible scientific and the intangible mystical. Energy Synthesis being about studying Tesla, Electrical Power/Energy and the aether for bringing about a clean renewable technological energy revolution. All of these fields overlap and my aim is to synthesize the knowledge across many disciplines. The works I personally have written are constant evolving documents and are likely to undergo numerous changes as I see fit.

Spiritual growth exists on a dualistic continuum. On one end is emotional growth (relationships) on the other is the intellectual (metaphysical). Ideally a person grows towards novelty on both sides, synthesizing the two in the middle experientially.

I am here to present new ideas that offer an alternative to orthodox religious and scientific atheistic ideologies/dogmas. The planet is in dire need of a new paradigm that empowers all creatures that inhabit this beautiful planet.

Principally I am a student of energy/abundance and power in its emotional, electrical, spiritual, biochemical and social forms. I take a true multidisciplinary approach as it helps me better understand and master the underlying formative forces.

Main Influences:

I am fascinated with being on the cutting edge of many fields. The following are areas I am interested and people who I have found to have the greatest expertise in their respective field. Briefly they are:

  1. Spirituality & MetaphysicsThe Seth Material & Entheogens (Terence McKenna, Alan Watts, Graham Hancock, David Jay Brown)
  2. Emotional Mastery & Psychology – The cutting edge in neurodevelopmental science & somatic psychology, Bodynamic Developmental Psychology, Integral Somatic Psychology,  Intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapySystems-Centered Therapy, SAVI, attachment theory, Gabor Mate, Daniel Kaheman, Dr.Keith Stanovich,
  3. Human Bio-energy – The techniques of Nei Kung (John Chang), Tantra, Kundalini Yoga & Russian Telekinesis (Dean Radin, Rupert Sheldrake)
  4. Diet, Fitness & Gut Pre & Pro-Biotics –  Lyle McDonald, Alan Aragon, Tim Steele
  5. Electrical & Natural Engineering – A new paradigm based off of Nikola Tesla’s technology – Jim Murray, Eric Dollard, Viktor Schauberger, Walter Russell, Wilhelm Reich
  6. Politics & Economics – Niall Ferguson, Jared Diamond, Steve Keen, John Mauldin, George Soros, Jeremy Grantham, Kyle Bass, Ray Dalio, Barry Ritholtz, Anatole Kaletsky, David Rosenberg, Marc Faber,  Felix Zulauf, Jim Rogers (My Twitter List)
  7. Inspirational – Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Eric Schmidt
There are many other people that have influenced me, but those above I feel define the leading edge in their respective fields and have had a tremendous effect on my thinking whom I follow as closely as possible as time permits.

Definition of the site title:

Gestalt – A system or framework so unified as a whole that its properties cannot be derived from a simple summation of its parts. In the context of this website Gestalt represents the totality of multidimensional universal existence. It represents the entire universe and everything in it and beyond it on all levels of reality. It represents All That Is, which could be termed “God” in the esoteric pantheistic sense.

About Me:

My name is Jonathan Zerbin. I have lived in Edmonton, AB Canada my entire life. My first language is German, my second language is English, and third I can read and write in basic Japanese. I run a small research and development company in alternative energy named Nonlinear Dynamics. I also work with the Bodynamic Institute leading marketing and educational development My favourite sport is kiteboarding, I enjoy reggaeton dancing and practicing  flowstaff as a moving meditation.

My first goal in life is development of novel hyper-efficient electrical power generation technologies based on Tesla’s work. Basically that means developing humanity’s future energy source and eliminating the need for fossil fuels. After that, using that new found power to build spaceships and explore the universe. I also enjoy working on a new all encompassing spiritual paradigm by synthesizing information across many disciplines and making it more accessible to the general public. The largest part of this for me is writing and strategizing about how to bring forth a new paradigm in somatic psychotherapy based off Bodynamics and other subtle energy based systems.

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