The Tesla Hairpin circuit also known as “Stout Copper Bars” was a device that Tesla utilized in the study of Radiant Energy phenomenon. The device creates standing waves which separates the magnetic component and the dielectric component of electricity from each other by creating nodes of isolated dielectric lines of force and magnetic. It’s the dielectric nodes I believe that are the source of radiant/etheric energy.

The dielectric nodes can be used to light all manner of bulbs and tubes in VERY unconventional fashions. It can also be used to heal and energize the body. This form of energy is the key to uncovering a whole new range of phenomena and technological applications.

The Tesla hairpin also formed the primary of the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter. Thus it is the key to understanding Tesla’s most important technological achievement which went unrecognized by the masses.

The dielectric nodes are our portal into another universe; a new life like form of energy that has the potential to be somewhat a panacea.

Karl Palsness presents the Tesla Hairpin at AEPC 2009

Ignore the fact he uses the term Scalar Waves…They are technically Longitudinal Magneto- Dielectric Waves.


Eric Dollard on Standing Waves:

“One section of Line may exhibit a Magnetic excess and thus behave as an Inductance, and another section of Line may exhibit a Dielectric excess, and thus behave as a Capacitance. The effect of standing waves is to separate the Magnetic Induction and the Dielectric Induction in space along the length of the Transmission Line. ”

“Because the standing wave represents that part of the Electric Field not united into Electrification, in Plancks, the amplitude of this standing wave can be maximized by minimizing the unification of Dielectric and Magnetic Lines of Force. This is brought about by either, short circuiting the end of the line, or open circuiting the end of the line. ”


Magnetic Quenched Spark Gap

“I am not at my office for the next few weeks. But the magnetic quenched spark gap is just two neodymium bar magnets 1 x 2 x 1/2 inch with a non magnetic spacer on the top and bottom the magnets are trying to draw together and the spacers are holding them apart about 3/4 of and inch apart. When I run with them around the spark the spark is much louder and the scaler wave more pronounced and steady. With out the magnets the waves changes in intensity.” (source)

“the point is that the hairpin pumps the environment for its energy, and we have to pay to open the door…there is no direct link as I see it to how much energy you get when you pay to open the door…but the harder you hit the environment the more you get back in an exponential terms. Tesla talks about been able to make the energy flows continue well after you turn off the pump and I see that also. He also states that when you get it flowing hard enough it will free flow and that is what he was trying to achieve in Colorado. We also may be able to get it to free flow in time but we are along way from that happening. ” (source)

“”How much is the current and voltage on the lamp?”
The answer is, there is O “ZERO” NO CURRENT going to the lamp. To understand radiant energy is to avoid electrons at all cost. Or in other words, Radiant energy is void of electrons.” (source)

 Tesla Hairpin Circuit Patent #568,180 – Hairpin except with a mechanical spark gap instead of electrode spark gap

Avramenko diode

Roberto Handwerker

 Jeremy response to Core:


You are correct! Credit is due to Ernst Lecher. Most people have fallen to the trap of is using the descriptive name “hair pin” instead.

One small detail that must be brought to light, no pun intended, is this potential differences has to be at its greatest between nodes in anti-notes within the stationary wave. It is Tesla that takes the credit for taking advantage of these nodes and anti-notes of potential differences too much further investigation.

So when you say the neon is placed on the node it remains dark when on the anti-note it glows. This is correct for lighting neons with one wire. But the statement can also read….A load can be placed between TWO differentials of potentials to run. When the load is placed between two same potentials, it will not run. Remember there is no current in an electrostatic standing wave! Loads are non-reflective to the input source as well! This is important! The more nodes you create, the more loads you can run with these potential differences all across a single wire! This allows more points to tap into.

Also the delta of the disruptive discharge determines everything when it comes to these potentials of the anti-nodes. You want this electrostatic field to rise with extreme velocity! This can be easily demonstrated with a function generator to an open-ended coil and an averamenko diode to small uf cap at end. Even though this is considered a delay line coil, it is a single wire! When we wrap the windings together more and more, we draw in the magnetic field and lowers the freq. My research has shown that making your coils same length as in diameter, gives you the best results and very sharp Q. Once coil is set and odd harmonic stationary waves are presents, the first stationary quarter wave, then switch the function generator between different sine waves! Then you’ll see what I’m talking about. This is why Tesla strove to create very sharp disruptive discharges!

These discharges are massive and very impressive on spark gaps! They are cool and do not hiss. You can also place paper in the discharge and it will NOT flame! You better have ear muffs!!! Watch the Dollard video showing these differences between electrostatic discharges vs. Inductive discharges. Very impressive and insightful!!

The Avaramenko diode plug seems to be everyone’s favorite choice these days. What people fail to understand, is this arrangement is doing just that! Creating potential differences!!

Also, since there is no current flow in the stationary wave of an open-ended system or Lecher’s arrangement, this has everything to do with radiant energy! If you watch John Bedini’s DVD on Tesla’s impulse technology, you’ll see lecher’s arrangement as well. This is written on the whiteboard towards the end of the video.

So can I ask. What is your definition of radiant energy? You don’t have to answer this. My point, is I respectfully disagree with you that this is not radiant energy. You just have not seen how to collect this form of energy or translate it yet.

There is a lot to learn on this forum on how to collect from the potentials only!



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