Rotor Switching Sensors:

Plastics For Frames and Rotors:

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  • Polycarbonate  – Lexan Sheet (more bendable, stronger,  2-3x more expensive)
  • Acrylic – Plexiglas (more brittle)
  • Phenolic Plastic
  • Nylon
  • HDPS
  • UHMW (polyethylene) * current contender for rotor
  • PVC
  • PPCP

Possible Kits:



  • Reed Switch
  • Ultra high speed mercury contactor
  • FAST Electromagnetic Relay
  • IGBT vs SCR vs Transistor vs MOSFET vs etc….?
  • solid state FETs controlled by a microprocessor
  • SIDAC – explanation Bidirectional Thyristor Diode…Now(latey) there is REAL semiconductor type spark gap using SIDAC + IGBT (source)




  • Electrolytic
  • Polypropylene – for High Voltage applications


Spark Gaps:


General Retailers:

  • Newark – Largest online retailer of all generic electronics stuff
  • Information Unlimited – All things unusual pertaining to exploring
  • Syscomp – Fantastic Pocket Oscilloscope & Custom Waveform Generator with UI


General Info Sources:

Core Materials:

Free Energy technologies may often only work when using high quality materials. Especially when magnetic fields are involved. Parametric variation utilizing magnetic fields ideally requires materials with high permeability and steep bh curves, where the domains in the material can flip quickly allowing for a rapid collpase of the magnetic field as well as subsequent build up and collapse without slow-saturation doing any retardation.

Ideal Materials:

  • Amorphous Materials such as Metglas
  • Nanocrystalline cores / Powder Cores – Nanoperm
  • Mu Metal (only in thin sheets seemingly…)
  • Electrical Steel
  • Permalloy
  • Ferrofluid?

Potential Supply Companies:

Understanding Permeability, Material, BH curves, etc: