I intend to build an MWO.


I’m also curious about building a very large MWO antenna and sticking it on the ceiling above my bead to help my body rejuvenate at night while I sleep via cosmic rays.

My take on how the MWO works (msg i sent to someone)

watching Eric Dollard explain it had me hooked. I just downloaded the “Secret of Life” and I will probably buy the e-book “The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Secrets Revealed, 2nd edition”. If those guys really did find an original and back engineered it, I think that would be the best place to start. The patents are scant on details and I don’t trust Beck one bit. In a post today by Tom Brown on the Eric yahoo group he said, and I quote “I bugged those guys for years trying to get some facts, and eventually I pinned Andy down and he told me to “not believe in Bob Beck’s fairy tales”, which I had already strongly suspected.” [URL=”http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/n6kph/message/242″]source[/URL]

I really think the secret to the MWO is in dielectricity. The capacitor in conjunction with the spark gap is the same setup used by Tesla in his aether devices. I think that LMD waves are responsible for the healing effects and not EMF……although I could be wrong. I’m going to have to go back to Tesla’s work and see what he claimed. Thus I think capacitive discharge should be the only way to go. Dielectricity is the energy that is life giving, organic, supporting, nurturing, etc. Magnetic or inductive is the opposite, it’s radiative, expansive and dispersive. I don’t believe the MWO works on principles of EMF frequencies at all. I would be really leary of using the Beck designs and think they may do more harm than good.

The copper ring Lakhovsky used supposedly tapped into Cosmic rays, or Orgone, which in my opinion are LMD. LMD can have a powerful effect i believe in amplifying resonance of healthy cells. And when from a dielectric source are beneficial. Vassilatos reports a lot about this in his writings of Tesla’s experiences. The frequency of discharge needs to be in a certain spectrum as well or else harmful rays occur.

I just thought of building a large Lakhovsky coil and putting it above my bed on the ceiling, and have it utilizing cosmic rays just as Lakhovsky did with his plants. This way i don’t need to power the antenna.

Another aspect that relates to this is the experiments Karl Palsness did with he hairpin. It is my guess that the dielectric standing wave nodes on his hairpin circuit is where again he felt the energizing effects of LMD’s. I intend to build the hairpin to see if this is true. And perhaps use it instead of a cup of coffee in the morning to energize myself. Hah!

The key I believe is in getting a broad spectrum of dielectric based frequencies. This is where I believe the true healing power of the device is. And I honestly think this expressed in LMD waves.