Jim Murray has largely stayed under the public radar for quite some time. He is a humble and witty man with some very unconventional ideas. He has worked along side Eric Dollard in the past and has had an avid interest in Nikola Tesla.

While Tesla may be most famous for his work with electricity, he was also very adept in the hard realm of mechanics. Sometimes conceptually and intuitively it’s easier to deal with mechanical forces than it is with electrical forces. And this is an area Jim Murray has excelled in.

Jim Murray has three prominent inventions that embody his life’s work and understanding. They are as follows:

  1. Dynaflux Alternator
  2. SERPS (Switched Energy Resonance Power Supply)
  3. Toroidal Rotating Transformer

Both of his alternators have the ability to function as generators or as motors.  His devices are of a special class of rotating electric machine making use of the principle of “reluctance”.

Reluctance motors and generators have been around for quite some time, but are generally speaking little known about. The thing about them that is unique when compared to AC and DC motor/generators is that the rotor does not have any windings and therefore does not have any current.

There are many different kinds of reluctance machines such as Asynchronous, Synchronous, Variable, Switched and Stepping. Now unless you have taken a motors course before these words may not mean much to you.

There are advantages and disadvantages to their design, but one unique thing about them is they dramatically reduce back-EMF due to their design.

Dyson for example uses reluctance motors in their vacuum cleaners to achieve speeds of up to 104,000 rpm!

See no windings on central shaft rotor.

The most important thing to understand is that Power and Energy are two completely different things.

  • Energy is measured in joules as a finite quantity with no respect to time
  • Power is measured in joules per second with respect to time

Theoretically you can derive an almost infinite amount of power from a small amount of energy. It all depends on the time frame. However there is another aspect to this that Jim Murray introduces that is particularly novel.

In conventional electrical terms it is thought energy can be only used once, and that all the energy is contained within the magnetic and dielectric fields.

Jim Murray makes the point that energy can be used multiple times over giving more power than has traditionally been thought possible. This “extra” energy comes from a momentum like component in electricity that has been largely ignored in the scientific community.

“Maxwell thought that all the electrical energy was carried in the magnetic and electrical fields. 30 years later Einstein and De Haas found that there was addition energy that was carried by the current itself and not by the fields. (They decided not to correct this.)

In a normal situation the reactive power is defined as a form of restorative power in which the average value is zero. The problem with that is the current and voltages are usually out of phase by 90 degrees so that you cannot use it. What this devise allows you to do is create watts that go back and forth doing the same thing and the watts become reactive.” (source)

This understanding forms the crux of Jim Murray’s inventions.

Reactive Power:

This instantly confuses pretty much everyone listening to Jim Murray. Most people when they hear the terms “reactive power” think current and voltage that are out of phase as in the traditional sense. THIS IS NOT WHAT JIM MURRAY MEANS. When current and voltage are out of phase you get the units called a “var”. When they are in phase you get real power in kW.

The condition of reactance is created by the phenomena of reflection. In normal reactive power a portion of the current independent of voltage is reflected meaning it is sent back to the source.

In Jim Murray’s case however current AND voltage are reflected back to the source at the same time and are considered “reactive” however in this case they are both in phase and thus instead of being reactive “vars” they are considered reactive “kW”.

This ability for energy to reflect on the same line causes an increase of power without violating the law of conservation of energy! This is what he terms Energy Resonance, which is NOT the same as frequency resonance.

This is the principle behind the SERPS technology which really was initially developed by Tesla when creating his Tesla Magnifying Transmitter. Reflection is what creates a standing wave and this while a well known phenomenon has some unique effects in electrical terms.

The Dynaflux Alternator

dynaflux jim murray

While it us unclear to me if the Dynaflux makes use of “Energy Resonance” in the reflected way… it does something else to recycle energy. The alternator works on the principle of pulsing a large magnetic field and causing a rotor to spin based on geometry. The energy used to pulse the rotor is recovered/recaptured and then sent back to the input. This is very similar to the Bedini spike capture technology in principle. It is also what Paul Babcock is attempting to do with his motor.

The unique thing about the dynflux is that it creates a rather interesting almost paradoxical case.

From the patent:

  • Overall Motor Efficiency=79.84%
  • “Apparent System Efficiency=2,606.296 watts/918.758 watts×100%=283.676%.

It’s the recovery of the energy used to spin the motor which creates this over-unity like condition.

Again energy can be recycled, more than thought possible leading to above 100% efficiency from a conventional point of view.

To reiterate, this is NOT free energy or a break in the law of conservation. This merely requires a paradigm change in what we think is possible to do with a finite quantity of energy. Eventually ALL the energy does get used up and released as heat, so this is NOT a perpetual motion machine. It can not be bootstrapped as one might think 100%+ efficiency implies.

The dynalfux or the SERPS will always require energy input, it’s just that they need less energy and can create more power. You can even send back more power than you are using, however you can not send back more energy than you are using.

Again the distinction between energy and power needs to be made crystal clear here.




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