Must Read Basic Introduction Books

  1. The Prodigal Genius by John Jacob O’Neil (this is the 1st book that “shocked” Eric Dollard into action)
  2. Steinmetz, Engineer and Socialist by Ronald R. Kline (must read in order to understand Steinmetz)

Eminent Authors:


  1. Nikola Tesla
  2. Charles Proteus Steinmetz
  3. Ernst Alexanderson


  • Gerry Vassilatos
  • Michael Faraday
  • Oliver Heaviside
  • Ernst Guillemin
  • J. J. Thomson (discoverer of “electron”)
  • Gustav LeBon
  • Willhelm Reich
Reference Directories:
Collected List: (need to expand and hyperlink)

First my paper – Symbolic Representation of Alternating Electric Wave.
Second – Ernst Gillimen, Vol 1 Communication Networks.
Third – Carl Steinmetz, Impulses, Waves & Discharges.

1. Electro-magnetic Theory Vol. 1 by Oliver Heaviside.
2. Impulses, Waves and Discharges by Carl Steinmetz.
3. Electricity and Matter by J.J. Thompson.
4. Recent Researches Into Electricity. By J.J. Thompson
5. Discharges In Windings by E.P. Dollard
6. Occult Ether Physics by Lyne

Thornberg, a critic of relativity, in his paper, “Real, or Imaginary Space – Time”

Thornberg’s work on “Maxwellian electric sound waves in the Aether”

“If you can find it see my U.S. Psychotronics Assn. lecture (Dimensional Representation of
Electrical Waves, 1986 Golden Colorado).” – EPD

“Theory of Wireless Power”, by E. P. Dollard

For a more in depth study of this subject see the following;

“Theory and Calculation of A.C. Phenomena”, C. P. Steinmetz, the chapters, “Power and Double Frequency Quantities” and the appendix “Roots of the Unit”.

“Symbolic Representation” Papers by E. P. Dollard, and all references given in these papers.

“Electro-Magnetic Theory”, O. Heaviside, in particular the development of his “Telegraph Equation”.

“Physics and Mathematics in Electrical Communication”, James Owen Perinne.

Finally, for an excellent musical portrayal of the ZY relationship listen to G. F. Handel, “Alexander’s Feast, or the Power of Music”, the final coral movement. It is a good ending to this series of writings.

Survival into the 21st Century by Victor Klaus

There is an interposed relation between energy in and energy out, an
angle of hysteresis. Find a switchboard power factor meter and its
related wattmeter. Study them and make large models of them for study.
Read Steinmetz’s “Theory and Calculation of A.C.” book, chapter on
“Power and Double Frequency Quantities.” (cross product – “conjugate
product”, dot product, and also scalar product) Here math useful for
Phi, Psi to Planck unions.

Abnormal Voltages in Transformers, A.I.E.E. Proceedings or
Transactions – Boyajin and Bloom.

See also, on aether, Gustav Le-Bon’s books, may be important. Also find
the Mendelev pre-hydrogen series periodic table.

chapter 21 (XXI) titled REACTION MACHINES in Charles Proteus Steinmetz’s book titled “Alternating Current Phenomena”

Guy following steinmetz – Ernst Alexanderson

Eric highly recommends watching the following film in order to understand the history of Radio and RCA: