Albert has decided to travel to a foreign country, one filled with internal strife, and lack of reason. Upon his arrival, he refuses to speak the language of the country, forcing its people to speak his language. Then, he hires an enemy of the country to translate for him. He uses the translater to broadcast his contempt for the country religion.Too bad, an I.E.D. (roadside bomb) had Albert’s name on it. This happens to so many, unnoticed.So it came to pass, the theoretical physicist came to electrichenlanden, but left in a bodybag. See; ElectroMagnetic Theory, Oliver Heaviside, Vol 1, “Introduction”, Vol 2, art 223, art 224, art 225, and art 226. p 1-12 “Mathematics is an Experimental Science”, Vol 3, “Adagio, Andante, Allegro Moderato”, p 1-3. This may help the wounded to recovery.
The axiom has been prophesized;The electrification Q, is a quantum step quantity, an unproven as of yet. One line of dielectric induction, Psi, and one loop of dielectric induction, Phi, in union, give rise to one unit (Photon). Hence an atom of electricity, by “atomic reasoning”. This indivisable unit or atom is called a Planck. Atomicists say its size is 6.62 times ten to the minus 34 power. This is known as Planck’s Constant. All probability it’s in MKS units.
(1) LC, equals, time square, per (radians per second) square

(2) One over LC, equals frequency square in radians per second squared

(3) MK, equals frequency square in radians per second squared

(4) Omega equals frequency in radians per second

(5) F, equals equals omega per two Pi, in cycles per second


Here is a schematic of my military voltage converter. It’s 12:24 volts dc, either way dc transformer. Under certain circumstances it’s been known to synthesize energy around 100-200 milliamps. It doesn’t seem to be doing it presently, when I changed from military aircraft 23 volt Nicad to 24 volt lead acid combination. However nothing is certain.
Here are some photos of capacitors charged in parallel, discharged in series. A distributed dielectric gradient automatically operates the spark gaps.
Equivalent Circuits of the oscillating coils in Tesla Magnifying Transmitter. Coils are now waveguides, not coils and capacitors anymore.

In this youtube link neutrons emitted are an indication of the fusion process. It’s the spherical geometry tube.

DD Fusion – YouTube

But Farnsworth tubes operate under vacuum, this tube is filled with a gas.

Also here:

Here is the Farnsworth patent of madhatter’s avatar:
Here is the spherical tube:

The following is written by Gerry Vassilatos

Unexpected devices of great import emerge from very old patent registers and periodicals. These developments span two hundred years of astounding technological progress, and chronicle our epistemological progress as a civilization. The literary treasure house of this time period contains incredible discoveries which remain yet unrecognized, unevaluated, and forgotten.

Despite this fact, many academicians are overly confident that “old knowledge” has been thoroughly comprehended and admixed into contemporary theory and is, therefore, expendable. This view is inwardly believed to such a degree that old texts are methodically being gathered into “annex” warehouses. These treasures are then permitted to decay and are (gradually) eliminated.

This shockingly repugnant pride is the very opposite of scientific sensibility. This mindset is counter*productive and totally self destructive. Each new unexpected discovery comes as a sharp rebuke to those who remain unenlightened concerning the past. Old texts preserve forgotten thoughts… not disproven thoughts. Researchers have committed their often anomalous and disquieting observations and findings to the journals and texts. It is traditional practice that what cannot be now explained must be treasured, pondered, and comprehended for some future purpose. Discovery and anomaly are rare gifts which must be honored and preserved until understood.

The scientific historian methodically searches out catalogues of forgotten phenomena by thorough examination of old periodicals, texts, and patent files. The retrieval of old and forgotten observations, discoveries, scientific anecdotal records, and rare natural phenomena provide the intellectual dimension desperately needed by modern researchers who work in a vacuum of dogma. It is astounding to find the volumes of rare and anomalous phenomena*lists and laboratory anecdotes made by credible and qualified Victorian researchers throughout older volumes of Nature Magazine and The Electrician (c.1890).

The retrieval of inventions, designs, and other applications reveal repeatable phenomena “in application” which demand re*evaluation of tenaciously held theoretical models. The trained researcher identifies, distinguishes, and secures those particular forgotten discoveries which violate contemporarily held theoretical models. The aim of this research is new knowledge through reevaluation.

Eric Dollard is an electrical engineer who has done remarkably exhaustive historical research and experimental verifications of scientific claims made by Nikola Tesla a century before. It was through Mr. Dollard that we learned about a forgotten chapter in the art of controlled thermonuclear fusion like no other. In fact, those who read this article may be shocked to learn the real truth abouttone specific “hot fusion” project from 1962 until 1967.

The reality of anyone controlling fusion reactions… and reaching self*sustaining reaction stage would sound bizarre to anyone familiar with the historical publications. Of all the venture projects chasing after the hot fusion Grail one group of researchers looked directly into Nature’s brilliant face and saw her sparkling eyes. Mr. Dollard’s research on unusual electron tubes led him into an exhaustive study of several vacuum tube designs patented by the father of electronic television: Dr. Philo T. Farnsworth. There he found the forgotten gem.

Here is a response that the lizard told me:You can ask Peter Lindemann himself, that the Michael Knotts/Chris Carson Reluctance Generator in Santa Barbara which my Navy verification had video taken of operating at 108% efficiency cost everyone that you saw in the picture $25,000 to make. By the way Eric says it cost $200 to change all the oil in all the mechanisms in his car.

It is tragically evident that “public forums” must labor under the constraint of arrogant bottom feeders. This is the intrinsic nature of 21st century America; A law so to speak, that is;(1) The lowest common denominator must dominateAmerica is like a stricken ship, a ship with its mast dragging the bottom and its keel to the sky, sailing to a violent self destruction.The individual American in the 21st century is best described by Oliver Heaviside, Electro Magnetic Theory Vol I, Art 9, “They become mere eating, drinking, and money grabbing machines.” Heaviside continues: “and yet they seem so happy.” Well Oliver, today is not the 19th century, it’s the 21st, so the “happy” is replaced with “malevolent”.

We seek new symbolisms by which to express our modern techno-fascist society.

(2) Replace “In God We Trust”, with “I Want A New Drug Now.”

(3) Remove the “Stars and Stripes Flag”, and raise a flag displaying a burning car.

Yes indeed, 21st century America. Let’s relate this to the “Energetic Forum”:

(4) Where Is My Free Energy Fuse Box!? I Want My Free Energy Fuse Box, I Want It Now! I Don’t Care How It Works Or What It Does, I WANT IT AND I WANT IT NOW!!

(5) “Pump Them Scalar Waves”,

(6) “Smash Them Dipoles”

(7) “the Back E.M.F.”

We have verily become inundated with this coyote vomit for decades now. Endlessly flailing with “Bedini Battery Bashers” for a quarter century now, but not once is seen,

(8) Kilowatt-Hours IN vs. Kilowatt Hours OUT. Not once!

Remember the Soviet Scalar Conspiracy, The Tesla Howitzer, Tesla E.L.F. and control, Tesla Switch, Tesla this Tesla that. But Where is Tesla? Nikola Tesla curses the Soviet Scalar Xenophobes, the primary source of Tesla Dis-Information.

But out of the morass a golden dragonfly rose into the air, La-mare and his “The First Longitudinal Moon Bounce.” At this point I shifted my writings from rudimentary ideas to reproducible engineering with the “military minded” aim to initiate within this “Energetic Forum” the “First Tesla Telluric Transmission in history.” A perfect compliment to La-Mare’s efforts.
The Objective:

(9) International Ham Radio Contest to disprove Einstien’s Theory.

Ultimately my primary objective is to continue my work started at Landers, that is;

(10a) Develop a superior submarine communications system for the United States Navy.

(10b) Adapt system principles to a system for Advance Seismic Warning (A.S.W.). This for the City of Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power.

These systems were completed at Landers by the way, in a completely engineerable form. The product of 30 years of work. (See pictures of the site on the American Marconi Website)

None of the work at Landers was ever intended to be released to the public, this station was for government use only. But the “Legal System” gave it to Bales. It has come to pass that it is being sold off a chunk at a time on e-bay. Homeland Security. Let’s Hope Israel gets some of it and turns it into weapons of mass destruction. Providence plays these jokes now and then.

For a basic description of my work at Landers see; “System for the Transmission and Reception of Telluric Waves”, E.P. Dollard. The engineering embodiment at Landers took the work of Tesla and Alexanderson to the next level, and being a Naval development, will not be demonstrated or discussed on my part. However, even the weak minded may have noticed that I am giving complete engineering instructions on Tesla’s Telluric Transmission System, as he envisioned it. I am speaking to what I suspect may be a “silent majority.” And I know that any competent radio engineer or experimenter can make a go of it. However what part of this silent majority has a malevolent intent (Iran let’s say)?

One thing is for certain, if you get close to a working system, or present it, the Good Ship Lucifer will P.E.E.E. on you. This is how Tesla’s work is obstructed, and the 21st Century American is well suited for this task. What else can he do?


The instrumental error of the Navy switchboard instruments was tested with waveform insensitive thermo electric calibrating meters to ensure no harmonic error and then accuracy was determined to be + – 2%. So we took 5 percent just to be safe. The hard work and the 25 grand was not to make a free energy fuse box, but it was a designed experiment to disprove the Law Of Conservation of Energy as we understand.
The so called Hairpin circuit is really no more than Tesla’s first experiments with the one turn primary. Since a short section of transmission line serves as an inductance then hence the Hairpin.
Lamare Lunar Effort; Ideas:The longitudinal antennae ideas seem stuck in the mud. Seems everything is quasi E.M. “Electrical Soundwaves in the Aether”, Tesla. Only two ways I see; a form of open ended circular waveguide. One mode, hard to excite, is longitudinal. Please post circular waveguide mode chart (Frederich Terman)!!
Another way is a tiny U.H.F. resonant coil, NOT A HELICAL RESONATOR. AN OPEN COIL NOT ENCLOSED IN A COAXIAL CYLINDER.For the circular waveguide the pipe is closed on one end, open at the other end. Open end may require mode stabilizer. The proper mode of excitation is extremely important! (Terman, Radio Engineers Handbook)For the resonant coil, a disk larger than coil diameter at current end, a disk smaller than coil diameter at voltage end. Ratio of disk diameters derived from coil impedance. Excite coil with small loop. As for the frequency; For the waveguide must be greater than 1000 Mc, for the coil must be less than 1000 Mc. These would be my first efforts to create electrical soundwaves in the aether. The longitudinal waves of my work involves Telluric Waves (submarines) and windings (transformers). Free space longitudinal waveforms may not have any relation to my (MK) waves
Tesla Coil geometric configuration:

It is great to find a point of discussion, the Energetic Forum has been very boring to me, like talking to my own echo. However bickering like that with Light Ship seems to be more what interests everyone, a good fight!When considering waves on coiled windings, leave out the electrons, let us forget them once and for all. They are for electronic devices (RG) NOT for electrical devices (LC). Forget the electrons, forget it!

It is generally considered that any wave must consist of a conjugate pair of energies, magnetic and dielectric let’s say. Only then an interaction between time and space is possible. As I have shown recently it is through the union of a conjugate pair (L and C) that the dimension of time is produced. The propagation constant is then equal to:

(1) Negative Gamma Square

Having a pair of imaginary roots, plus j Gamma and minus j Gamma

It is however that the JJ Thompson Longitudinal Dielectric Motions cannot have a periodic solution, there is one energy only, dielectric. This needs to be resolved.

There are four distinct forms of energy stored in a winding,
Magnetic Pair:

L, Leakage Inductance, Henry
M, Mutual Inductance, per Henry

Dielectric Pair:

C, Leakage Capacitance, Farad
K, Mutual Capacitance, per Farad

The Magnetic Distribution along the coil axis is given by

(2) Epsilon to the square root of LM power. It is an exponential curve along the axis.

The Dielectric Distribution along the coil axis is given by

(3) Epsilon to the square root of CK power. It too is an exponential curve along the axis.

LM an CK are time scalars hence it can be seen that these initial distributions at t = 0 give rise to complex energy exchanges because of the exponential space distributions. We have now a fourth order differential in space and time. Alice lands in Wonderland. Forget Maxwell, forget the Corums, dead ends, forget them once and for all!!

Break, more to follow


Continuing with the four energy co-efficients:LC, this gives the space scalar frequencies of oscillation, having no distribution in space, only in time (dot product)

MK, this gives the “Tesla Vector” normal to the coil windings, a counter-velocity in per centimeters per second. (axial product)


L/K this gives the clockwise “Poynting Vector” around the circumference of the coil windings, a velocity in centimeters per second (cross product)

C/M, this gives the counter-clockwise “Poynting Vector” around the circumference of the coil windings, a velocity in centimeters per second (cross product)

(4) Hence (LC + MK(k^2)) + k(L/K – C/M)

(5) a +kb
The Heaviside relation for the dimension of space. For the condition of balance,

(6) L/K = C/M
The T.E.M. component vanishes and the “Poynting Vectors” cancel out. The resistance of the coil also cancels out giving rise to a very great magnification factor, as well as a pure longitudinal wave, a “Tesla Coil”.

Forget the Corums, the Bewelly-Dollard Theory has made them obsolete. Also it is my own belief that we have outgrown Maxwell. The path started by Tesla, Through Steinmetz and Alexanderson, to L.V. Bewelly has taken us far beyond the primordial physics interpretation of J.C. Maxwell. Leyden Jars and scales have grown to giant substation transformers and high speed oscilloscopes. We are entering a brave new world of electricity, electricity without electrons.

Repeat picture Post of The Oscillating Current Transformer section… found here

All I can say from an engineers standpoint is that Tom Bearden and Albert Einstein have done more to damage the understanding of electricity, particularly as it relates to Tesla, than any other humans on the planet. Personally, Tom Bearden’s assertions of Soviet Scalar lunacy, is a direct slap in the face of my eight years of RCA and Sonoma State College research. What more can I say?73 DE N6KPH

(1) I am an Electrical Engineer(2) Einstein says electricity does not exist

(3) So what can I say? It is that basic!

This is why I wrote the “Theory of Anti-Relativity”. It is in the thread “Peter whatever happened with Eric P. Dollard?” It will make any Einsteiner’s blood boil, you can rest assured of that. To quote Nikola Tesla; “Todays scientists substitute mathematics for experiments and they wander off through equation after equation and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.” Such is the “Theory of Relativity”.

(1) Thank you La-mare for presenting your material. It is however the dimensions presented are a complete denial of everything I have heretofore presented. Nobody gets it. MASS HAS NO RELATION TO ELECTRICITY. Looking at the table given it says capacitance is in pounds per square inch (kg per meter squared), this is absurd. Take a tire on my car; The pounds per square inch is not the capacitance, it is the potential. The capacitance is how much the tire is pushed to the ground for a given P.S.I. Hence the table presented works to destroy the proper form of understanding. Mass means nothing. It does not matter if the capacitor is made of Aluminum or Lead, for a given geometry the capacitance is the same despite the Lead capacitor having many times more mass than the Aluminum. Can we get it?(2) I have reached the conclusion that anyone holding a college degree will never get that damned physics crap out of their head. If everyone run’s back to mama’s skirt how in god’s name can we make any progress? The units and dimensions I gave all can be equated to physics through the “Bogo”, etc. I figured physicists would just love the Planck but such is not the case. No! Lemmings cannot be deflected from the course to destruction.

(3) Note on Primary Circuit,

For those who have no knowledge of resonance and etc., you must work to gain that knowledge. I have no special drug for you. Here is how you do it: find a “Radio Amateurs Handbook”, around 1960 – 1965 edition. Read it, and make a crystal A.M. broadcast radio. When this is done then I can answer any questions, not beforehand. You must do the work, not me. And we need more La-mare’s, those who experiment with ideas and materials.

(4) Stop pecking at your keyboards and get up and do something. It seems “Internet Society” engenders a “Mass Mental Impairment” (M.M.I. Disorder). This issue is becoming an issue now in the real “Hard Hat & 10-C Oil” electrical engineering workplace. Also this condition is becoming problematic for the U.S. Military. “Mass Mental Impairment” Disorder is much more the problem than bar room fights about the inscrutable Aether.

(5) Maxwell’s Original Dimensions:

I think it’s time that Maxwell’s dimensions get changed to something more suitable for Electrical Engineers. This I have already presented. As did Steinmetz, I think we really need to go beyond Maxwell, not deeper into it. That can only lead to Relativity.


Poison for the Relativists:

Heaviside Vol II, Page 533

I maintain the pounds per square inch has absolutely no relation to capacitance whatsoever, in the world of electrical engineers. Hence it is absurd. To quote E.H. Armstrong, “They substitute words for reality, and then talk about the words.” This is what physics has done. In Electricity, the ideas og Goethe and Wilhelm Reich are much more in accord with electricity, and the formative forces in general. Newton was a materialist and his physics represents an impediment to the understanding of electricity. For those married to “Little Ball Bearings”, this is why we have the Planck. Here you can have your beloved E equals mc squared which is so dear to your heart. So use it, don’t heap capacitance and inductance with lead weights.

The Aether does not relate to the inertial laws of Newton, but the formative forces laws of Goethe.


Heaviside; Adagio, Andante Alegro Moderato

The Aether is a genie in a bottle, it beckons your command. Tell her what you want her to be, and that she will become.

We start with the Faraday contigious particles, the Maxwell’s cellular aggregates, Babbitt’s Vortex Swirls, Tela’s Gas, Heavisides Rotational Model of Variable mu and epsilon, and the blockheaded solid Aether theory. She is all, she is none. Einstein holds the cork in the bottle, the Quantum Mystic seeks a Pandora. What a choice.

My efforts in 6 months of writing here are directed to the practicing Electrical Engineer, not the Quantum Mystic. You were given the Planck as a way out of the Quantum Godess’s trap. But she exudes such sweet honey. Engineers do not want Quarks in their capacitors.

There are some dogs that keep eating fecal matter no matter how many times they get kicked in the head. Steinmetz provided, among many other important concepts, three terms:

1. Magnetic Field
2. Dielectric Field
3. Electric Field

The Electric Field is not thet Dielectric Field, it is not interchangeable, the electric field is the Planck. But it is no use. The dog did it again.

Please keep the Quark out of the condenser. There are “less delicate” ways of saying this from a rear end versor position. Capacitance is a metrical dimension, and so is inductance. They are dimensions of space separated by the dimension of time, no more than that, metrical dimensions.

Pounds per square inches as a Farad is obscene. Let us take a dynamical analog, my Corolla. It operates though 3 distinct forms:

1) The inductance, the body of the car

2) The capacitance, the tires of the car

3) The conductor, the road on which the car stands

And since the conductor has resistance, the electrons are that part of the road(the conductance) which wants to move with the tires(the dielectric).

The tires are capacitors, and are rated as such. Three factors present themselves:

1) The geometry of the tire

2) The pressure contained

3) The deflection through which the weight of the car pushes the wheel to the ground

The geometry is the capacitance of the tire 9×10 to 10 to the third centimeters cubed.

The pressure is the voltage of the tire, 44 P.S.I., voltage max rating.

The deflection is the charge or displacement in per c.m.

One way to make pounds per square inch capacitance is to say the pressure contained is the permittivity of the capacitor since the deflection is the result of the weight, or force of it, which then is the applied voltage.

Remember equating the Laws of Physics to the Laws of Electricity can be very misleading and is the principle cause for misunderstanding.

From “An Elementary Treatise on Electricity”, by James Clerk Maxwell

Observations of an Electrical Engineer:

it is little known in the 1950’s to 1960’s the Radio Corporation of America initiated a study and application of “Astrology” to their high frequency radio transmission systems. The main scientist involved was named Nelson. The Company determined that the planetary configurations, normally only spoken of by Astrologers, have a significant impact upon Ionospheric Communications. Now of course any Astronomer, Physicist, or Einsteiner in general would become very upset about this idea, possibly even display violent behavior. But we know David Sarnoff liked to “piss people off.” So R.C.A. developed a system of radio astrology. Now it came to pass that David died and his company was on it’s way out. Here is where I picked up on the matter. R.C.A. provided the equipment, and Sonoma State College provided the support, for the continuation of the studies of R.C.A. In good fortune, on Oct. 13 1980, all the planets, and even the moon formed into one single straight line. The sun erupted violently, with large standing wave rings spreading over a third of its visible surface. Through the 4 year study I determined by observation that the sun has a direct influence on the climate of the earth, as well as earthquake and volcanic activity. These are observable facts, whether you like it or not.

Let us go back to the “Carter Years”, 1975 or so. We were told, while waiting in long gas lines, of the impending Ice Age. And it’s all our fault because of car exhaust, etc. At that time a major solar minimum took place at the transition between solar cycles 21 and 22. Record cold and drought hit the Bolinas area. Following the rise in solar activity into the 1980’s so came a distinct rise in the rainfall and temperature. This phenomenon has remained consistant to this day. But why is it that so called Astronomers and Physicists react so violently to these concrete realities? We are not operating here on an engineering basis but it is now a matter of human psycho-pathology.

Now it has come to pass that climate and solar conditions are similar to the Carter “Ice Age” years. The solar activity into cycle 24 is unusually weak*. This has given rise to a phenomenon which I had been studying at my Mojave Research Installation at Landers. It is called “Perma Winter.” Each and every year as this solar minimum deepened, winter storms in the north pacific have been produced later and later into the summer season, and now they continue all year. Conversely, the tropical summer cyclones have become less numerous, even failing to appear at all in the east pacific. Finally the sea temperature in Bolinas, which is nominally 51 deg. F for 30 years now drops to 48 deg F.

* The sun may even go “dead”

WHERE IS THE WARMING? The past 4 years living in my car in the desert, it has become progressively colder each year. Even this last summer the temperature was 5 degrees cooler than normal. The engineer says it’s getting colder, Al Gore (A.K.A. “CommonWeal”, Bolinas) tells us it is getting warmer. Who is CommonWeal and what do they represent? Kontrol! So our study is not one of solar terrestrial observations, but the study of the Al Gore/CommonWeal axis, and how they Kontrol our minds. Verily, Global Warming is a religion, not a science. No more discussion of climate is in order but now a discussion of exactly what is the main CommonWeal objective. But this is considered Anti-Semetic so I drop the ball here.


See, “Jupiter Effect”, Author ??
“The Bolinas Incident”, Dollard
“Mass Psychology of Fascism”, Reich
“Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”, Savage
“Theory of Anti-Relativity”, Energetic Forum, Dollard

A global contest, who will be the first HAM radio operator to disprove Einstein? Will it be you?

We begin with the “Primary Circuit.” It is a parallel resonant circuit. This exists in the dimension of time, it is space scalar. Hence no T.E.M., etc. Tim only in Neper-Radians per second. PER SECOND. It should be noted that no generalized analysis of this circuit even exists today, so where do YOU want to begin. I will tell you how, get a 1960’s Radio Amateur’s Handbook, and read it. Then make a 100 watt 80 meter transmitter. Then you can begin to understand Tesla. Throw all the Bearden, Corum, etc. , into the garbage, let the rats and crows have it.

The circuit I have shown is from the Colorado Springs Notes, read this for circuit values, these can be scaled. The reasoning here is that no resistance is wanted in the main tank circuit (L1,C1), it must be tight against leaks to assure maximum magnification factor. The Auxilary Circuit (L2,C2) is an impedance matching network to carry energy from the supply E.M.F. to the tank circuit M.M.F. The energy in L2 C2 refracts into L1 C1 so as not to disturb the primary M.M.F. This M.M.F. to be maximized to the highest possible magnitude.*

* See Nikola Tesla, “System of Concatenated Tuned Circuits”, patent number unknown

Here is how the contest works. We learn how to make a “Crystal Set”, just as everybody should. It is a “Rite of Passage”. A crystal set is an A.M. radio that uses no battery, the magnification factor of its tank circuit powers the radio. Hence it can be seen that the A.M. broadcast station’s transmitted energy is powering the crystal set, JUST AS TESLA ENVISIONED. Wow Mr. Wizard that is fantastic. Let’s start today.

(1) Unfortunately I must say that PinWheel is correct, for the most part. It seems to be a hopeless lot indeed. However take in to consideration that I operate by the “Way of the Coyote”, and my contempt for humans is accordingly absolute. See “God’s Dog”.

(2) Bearden, Puharich, the Corum’s, etc are verily absolute dis-informers, or at best ignorant techno-fascists. I would say the U.S. Army is behind them. And to watch this group suck up that coyote vomit is revolting to say the least. Mind you this has been going on since the Soviet Scalar Conspiracy, nearly 30 years now! Lap it up.

(3) And then the Quantum Mystics, they seek Pandora. Her “Box” is the plethora of demons and nems. The Aether is now a myriad of quarks and queeks, with charm and strangeness. It flowers into a Kurzweil Quantum Geek Fest, a nano-quantitized French Revolution. It will be so “spiritual” (Lucifer).

(4) Remember the “Good Ole Days”, Domino Effect, Soviet Strike Capability, Vietnam, not much different than now really. A real charming “leader” emerged out of this great episode in human history, Pol Pot. He was a loving and caring man. In a CommonWeal type compassion for his people, he had all the engineers in his country EXECUTED. Today we have the Clinton Global Initiatiative spreading this philosophy around the planet. What future lays ahead for the Electrical Engineer, tell me, can you?

(5) And why is it “They” or let us say “It”, do not like Oliver? They don’t like him at all. He murdered the potential, horrid. It is no wonder that while the Euro-Lehrned were suppresing Oliver Heaviside’s Telegraph Equation, IT BECAME THE FOUNDATION FOR LONG DISTANCE TELEPHONY IN AMERICA (A.T.T.). Moreso Heaviside’s Telegraph Equation and related operational calculus serves as the cornerstone of American Electrical Engineering. The full potential of Heaviside’s work has not nearly been reached, and it’s application to the transmission structures of Tesla could result in a tremendous new understanding of electricity. Not here, well?

(6) Pump them scalar waves, smash them dipoles, capture that back E.M.F. …….

No man can resist the “Song of the Siren”


Do not be so quick to dispense with Lyne or Vassilatos, they are like the skeleton in the cave, a vestige of the lost explorer, who perished but his skeletal finger points the way out. As for Bearden/Corum, this is best dragged off by the rats and crows. Tesla said exactly what is required as a basis for his efforts. Something as simple as the “Extra Coil” is an Alice in Wonderland for the Engineer, but it seems just a simple coil. Over the years I have provided a basic engineering structure by which to engineer Tesla like systems, as he said they must operate. But verily my efforts have fallen the way of Heaviside. However I have given(you go read it!) every book, paper, lecture, & etc. from Tesla’s era. Remember that Tesla stands as a monument to his era, with a solid foundation upon the efforts of his contemporaries. Tesla was a product of his time, so go back to it and learn.