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In a recent Scientific American Article the topic of Nonlocality was discussed at length in relation to special relativity. It is good to see that the subject of Nonlocality is making headline news because the understanding of this will revolutionize our current scientific understanding of the fundamental nature of the universe. A few portions of the paper I would like to mention are as follows:

“And so the actual world is nonlocal. Period.”

“Only a very small minority of physicists….grasp that Bell’s proof and Aspect’s experiments meant the world itself had been discovered to be nonlocal”

“Moreover, his theory introduces a new variety of nonlocality into the laws of nature- a nonlocality not merely in space but in time!”

“Quantum-mechanical wave functions cannot be represented mathematically in anything smaller than a mind-bogglingly high-dimensional space”

“…then we need to take seriously the idea that the world’s history plays itself out not in the three-dimensional space of our everyday experience or the four-dimensional spacetime of special relativity but rather this gigantic and unfamiliar configuration space, out of which the illusion of three-dimensionality somehow emerges. Our three-dimensional idea of locality would need to be understood as emergent as well. The nonlocality of quantum physics might be our window into this deeper level of reality.”

You may first ask, what exactly is nonlocality? Well this could probably best understood by its opposite; the principle of locality, which states objects are influenced only directly by its immediate surroundings. Basically you can only influence an object by direct physical contact or chain of contacts; ex. Touching an object or using a ‘local’ force field of some kind. In nonlocality objects can influence each other across vast distance of space with no in between forces or chain of events. This has been scientifically verified to happen and is well known in the scientific community as quantum entanglement. Electrons have the ability to influence each other over millions of miles faster than the speed of light completely defying our Newtonian mechanistic perceptions of the universe and world we live in. Our day to day experiences are thus not an accurate reflection of the deeper workings and mechanics of the universe, which seem to defy logic.

What does this all mean? It means that if objects can be connected nonlocaly then the entire universe may be a gigantic nonlocal gestalt. That means distance as we perceive it, is merely an illusion and the universe exist fundamentally nowhere and everywhere simultaneously. The universe itself is not composed of space because space implies distance and distance is an illusion as are all the dimensions we live in by sheer virtue of the property of nonlocality. In this regard the universe can only exist as one thing a blob of sorts, that escapes all quantifiable forms of measurements.

Ultimately this means that all of physical reality as we perceive it is an illusion and exists only in an illusionary dream like state. Instead of reality being viewed as Newtonian and mechanistic, under the context of non-locality it is probably best understood of as a dream for it has the same properties.

When you dream the experiences are very real. You can taste, touch sense and feel. You can walk about and travel as well as interact with objects and the dream environment in meaningful ways. But where exactly does this dream reality of yours exist? Does it have a tangible foundation other than being purely an inward mental projection? Your dream reality exists as a virtual reality, likewise our universe has been discovered to also be entirely virtual because of quantum entanglement. If someone were to ask you where the places you visited in your dream exist, you would have to say they are mental holographic like constructions only existing in your mind. They don’t exists in any one specific place and the buildings and places you may visit in your dreams are not made up of any tangible stuff. Likewise our universe exists in exactly the same way except it is one massive dream in which many people take part in. If we could visit each other in our dreams, this would be an accurate representation of our current physical reality.

If our universe truly is nonlocal it only makes sense to treat it like a dream. Except this dream is one in which many people consciously co-create unlike your personal dreams which remain almost exclusive to your subconscious creations. Both conscious physical reality and our dream realities are both projections. But projections of what? Seemingly consciousness is the only logical answer as it is the only thing we know of that has the ability to continuously create subjective projections which it can then itself experience. It is quite easy for the mind to create a projected landscape, and then project itself into that landscape and view the landscape as it were separate from that landscape even though it created it. This begs the question if you construct landscapes in your mind, are these projections separate from you or ARE they literally you…are they inside you, inside your mind perhaps? And where does your mind exist, inside your brain? Can you locate with spatial coordinates and measurements the precise length of the roads in your mental projections? Of course not. We take it for granted that our mind has the ability to make mental projections uncharacteristic of our daily perceived reality. But we also take for granted that somehow our physical reality is not a mental construct and that it has a tangibility that exists independently from mental projections. But what if all of physical reality where a massive mental projection. What if mental projections was all there ever was?  For example you can create a hilly landscape in your mind, and then project yourself into that landscape as if you were standing on the road winding through the hills as you look around.

In a nonlocal universe it also makes sense to understand it as pure unabridged consciousness. For how else could the universe create the magnificent illusion we call reality?

What this seems to imply is that the entire universe is a mental construct and exists purely in a psychological gestalt, for within a psychological gestalt, space, dimensions and time are all constructs. It is like the places we venture to in our dreams, they have no physical tangible reality but yet they are valid places our consciousness can go and experience its creations. Likewise the entire universe seems to exist in a matrix, where time and space are illusions and we are all parts of the illusion that have a part in creating its reality. To try and make sense of a nonlocal universe it only seems feasible and logical that consciousness exists within and IS a multidimensional matrix of sorts which acts as the prime mover creating realities in a collective endeavor such that the experience of life as we know it can be attained. It could be said that consciousness is all there is, and therefore fundamentally no such thing as inanimate matter even exists. All matter is conscious, sentient and self aware….for it creates itself.

All of our current physical reality can be broken down into molecules. Molecules can be further broken down into individual atoms, and those broken down into protons neutrons and electrons. Those can be broken down even further into exotic particles such as quarks, muons and leptons. Beyond that the individual particles can theoretically be broken into very tiny vibrating strings. Now what are the strings composed of? Well energy. And what is energy composed of? …Energy. All of reality and material existence breaks down fundamentally into energy. And while energy itself can be quantified and measured to a degree it’s tangibility still remains an abstract concept for it exists in a multidimensional super space of sorts. It is within this abstractness that the true nonlocal nature of reality lies.

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