Based on the motivation of two of my friends, Analee and Heidi to find practical ways in order to increase creativity, intuition and a connection to one’s higher self, I have been thinking of real down to earth methods that will increase general intuition and creativity in all of life.

1. Exercise Daily – Exercise is probably one of the best way of getting in touch with your physical body. Pushing your body to the limits is a good way of focusing the mind in the body in order to become more fully aware and present of your body and inner being. We humans generally spend way too much time locked up in our egoic problem solving thoughts in our head, which by and large are not an excellent source of creativity. Creativity and intuition is something that comes from far deepr within, it goes beyond and transcends mere thoughts.

2. Meditate daily – 2x if possible. You only need to do this 5-15min at a time. Personally I find meditation works best after intense physical activity because this way you are already exremely present in your body and your mind is somewhat focused. Sattva yoga practice is really good for this. Emptying your mind here is also key I believe. If you focus on a mantra, it may block creative intuitions?

3. Breathing and creativity exercises while meditating….look this up. I have it in a book somewhere. Rameen must have some strats as well…

4. Maintain a Dream journal – Your dreams are a gateway into the subconscious mind and aspects of yourself that are more in tune with greater reality. Dreamwork can be an incredible asset for promoting creativity and intuition. Many inventions have come to people while dreaming, and many people experience precognitive dreams as well. Deja vu moments are often connected to the dream world as well. We spend nearly a third of our lives in a dream state sleeping. Learning methods such as lucid dreaming, astral traveling can be a humongous asset in terms of boosting creativity and intuition. The biggest difficult with dreams is often remembering. By keeping a dream journal you precondition yourself to remember your dreams better. With time, you become better and better. And if you have a re-occurring dream you may recognize it the 2nd time around.

5. Other strategies yet to be determined……any ideas?