Explorations in Somatic Psychology – Regular YouTube series starting

About a year ago I began recording zoom talks I have with my friend Philipp who lives in Freiburg, Germany. We met about 1.5 years ago in our Bodynamic Practitioner training class in Munich.

Recently we both attended the 16th EABP Congress in Berlin where we were both very disappointed with the majority of the keynote talks and presentations. They were boring and predicated on outdated knowledge (referencing Willhelm Reich constantly). The presenters also tried really hard to be academic using all kinds of neuro-speak jargon to impress their peers. The Somatic Psychology field is fairly small and niche but growing rapidly. Philipp and I feel it will be the dominant form of psychology in the future supplanting cognitive based approaches due it’s superiority in effectiveness and understanding.

That said, a conference/field that is supposed to be at the cutting edge didn’t feel like it at all. That’s when we realized the things we study, discuss and teach are at the cutting edge but very few people have awareness about it…..even within the field. It’s then that I decided that I better start editing and publishing our conversations in order to attract more like minded individuals and push the boundaries on the field with some deep inquiry and innovation.

Philipp and I meet on zoom about once a month. I currently have a backlog of about a dozen videos to go through edit and then post. I hope to catch up soon, so I can post our most recent talks in a more timely manner. We have also begun using better cameras to try and improve the quality of our recordings to make them more appealing.

Due to an ocean separating us, these talks are going to become an ongoing series that will likely continue for some time. Future talks may be more structured as well with actual presentations. In the future both of us will likely be teaching more and recordings of workshops and training’s are likely to appear on my YouTube channel as well.

One caveat is that as we are both extensively trained in Bodynamics we use Bodynamic jargon and talk about concepts that may be hard for a person to understand unless they at least know the basics of Bodynamic Theory. If you do not have any Bodynamic training, I highly recommend reading through the Bodynamic website to at least get some of the basic concepts down.

I have already posted 4 clips of our talks to my YouTube channel. Here are the first two.

If you have questions about concepts, please ask in the youtube comments section and we can maybe cover some basics in our future videos.