Affirmation Celestial Princess“Affirmation means acceptance of your own miraculous complexity. It means saying “yes” to your own being. It means acquiescing to YOUR reality as a spirit in flesh. Within the framework of your own complexity you have the right to say “no” to certain situations, to express your desires, to communicate your feelings.

If you do so, then in the great flow and sweep of your eternal reality there will be an overall current of love and creativity that carries you. Affirmation is the acceptance of yourself in your present as the person that YOU are. Within that acceptance you may find qualities that you wish you did not have or habits that annoy you. You must not expect to be “perfect”. As mentioned earlier, your ideas of perfection mean a state of fulfillment beyond which there is no future growth, and no such state exists.

“Love your neighbor as yourself” Turn this around and say, “Love yourself as you love your neighbor,” for often you will recognize the goodness in another and ignore it in yourself. Some people believe there is a great merit and holy virtue in what they think of as humility. Therefore, to be proud of oneself seems a sin, and in that frame of reference true affirmation of the self is impossible. Genuine self-pride is the loving recognition of your own integrity and value. True humility is based upon this affectionate regard for yourself, plus the recognition that you live in a universe in which all other beings also possess this undeniable individuality and self-worth….

….Now: In those terms you ARE the power of God manifested. You are not powerLESS. To the contrary. Through your being the power of God is strengthened, for YOU ARE a portion of what He is. You are not simply an insignificant, innocuous clump of clay through which He decides to show Himself.

YOU ARE HE MANIFESTING AS YOU. You are as legitimate as He is.

If you are a part of God, then He is also a part of you, and in denying your own worth you end up denying His as well. I do not like to use the term “He”, meaning God, since All That Is is the origin of not only all sexes but of all realities, in some of which sex as you think of it does not exist.

Affirmation is in the spontaneous motion of the body as it dances. Many churchgoers who consider themselves quite religious do not understand the nature of love or affirmation as much as some bar patrons, who celebrate the nature of their bodies and enjoy the spontaneous transcendence as they let themselves go with the motion of their beings.

True religion is not repressive, as life itself is not.” (Source – Nature of Personal Reality Session:674)


“Affirmation then means the loving acceptance of your own unique individuality. It may involve denial, where you refuse to accept the visions or dogmas of others in order to more clearly perceive and form your own.

Such affirmation will lead you to your own inner discoveries and attract from the deepest portions of your being the particular kind of information, experience, or perception that you need. The loving acceptance of yourself will allow you to RIDE THROUGH beliefs as you would through the changing characteristics of a countryside. The more a belief encourages you to use your abilities and vitality, then the more affirmative it is.” (Source – Nature of Personal Reality Session:675)


“Again, if you are ill you may say, “I did not want to be sick,” or if you are poor, “I did not want to be poor,” or if you are unloved, “I did not want to be lonely.” Yet for your own reasons you began to believe in illness more than health, in poverty more than abundance, in loneliness rather than affection.

You may have accepted some of these ideas from your parents. Their effects may have surrounded you, or you may have switched beliefs in one particular area of your life, but each can be changed if you utilize the power of action in the present. I am not saying that every one of you must or should be healthy, wealthy, and wise. I am only addressing those here now who have effects in their lives with which they are dissatisfied. In one manner of speaking, then, the suggestions you give yourselves constantly operate overall as beliefs that are reflected in your experience.

Some of you are simply mentally lazy. You do not consciously examine the data that you receive. Many who make a practice of “denying” negative suggestions from others, asserting positive affirmations instead, actually do so because they are so fully convinced that the power of negative beliefs is stronger than that of beneficial ones.
Each of you will find habitual thought patterns in your own life backed up by resulting action-conditioned behavior as it were – by which you continually reinforce negative aspects, concentrate upon them to the exclusion of conflicting data, and so bring them into experience through natural hypnosis.” (Source – Nature of Personal Reality Session:658)


“Now: Affirmation means saying “yes” to yourself and to the life you lead and to accepting your own unique personhood.

That affirmation means that you declare your individuality. Affirmation means that you embrace the life that is yours and flows through you. Your affirmation of yourself is one of your greatest strengths. You can at times quite properly deny certain portions of experience, while still confirming your own vitality. You do not have to say “yes” to people, issues, or to events with which you are deeply disturbed. Affirmation does not mean a bland wishy-washy acceptance of anything that comes your way, regardless of your feelings about it. Biologically, affirmation means health. You go along with your life, understanding that you FORM your experience, emphasizing your ability to do so.

Affirmation does not mean sitting back and saying “I can do nothing. It is all in Fate’s hands, therefore whatever happens, happens. Affirmation is based upon the realization that no other consciousness is the same as your own, that your abilities are uniquely yours and like no other’s. It is the acceptance of your individuality in flesh. Basically it is a spiritual, psychic, and biological necessity and represents your appreciation of your singular integrity.

An atom can take care of itself, but atoms themselves are somewhat like domesticated animals; joining in the biological family of the body, to some extent they become like friendly cats or dogs under your domain.

Animals pick up the characteristics of their owners. Cells are highly influenced by your behavior and beliefs. If you affirm the rightness of your physical being, then you HELP the cells and organs in your body and, without knowing it, treat them kindly. If you do not trust your physical nature you radiate this feeling also, regardless of what health procedures you may take. The cells and organs know that you do not trust them, even as animals do. In a way you set up antibodies against yourself, simply because you do not confirm the rightness of your physical being as it exists in space and time.

You can affirm your uniqueness quite properly at times by saying no.

Individuality grants you the right of making decisions. IN YOUR TERMS this means saying “yes” or “no”. By implication, to always acquiesce may very well mean that you are denying your own personhood.


Affirmation means accepting your soul as it appears in your creaturehood. I said this earlier (in chapters Seven, Nine, etc.), but you can not deny your creaturehood without denying your soul, and you can not deny your soul without denying your creaturehood.” (Source – Nature of Personal Reality Session:672)


“Almost everyone in this society is acquainted with the old suggestion, “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.” Now that is an excellent suggestion, given by the conscious self to other portions of your being. The results of such a suggestion would also follow your conscious beliefs, however.” (Source – Nature of Personal Reality Session:622)


“There is an enchanting suggestion, solemnly repeated many times, particularly after the turn of the century: “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”

This might sound like a bit of overly optimistic, though maybe delightful, nonsense. To a degree, however, that suggestion worked for millions of people. It was not a cure-all. It did not help those who believed in the basic untrustworthiness of their own natures. The suggestion was far from a bit of fluff, however, for it could serve – and it did – as a framework about which new beliefs could rally.” (Source – The Individual & the Nature of Mass Events Session 835)


One: I will approve of myself, my characteristics, my abilities, my likes and dislikes, my inclinations and disinclinations, realizing that these form my unique individuality. They are given me for a reason.

Two: I will approve of and rejoice in my accomplishments, and I will be as vigorous in listing these—as rigorous in remembering them—as I have ever been in remembering and enumerating my failures or lacks of accomplishment.

Three: I will remember the creative framework of existence, in which I have my being. Therefore the possibilities, potentials, seeming miracles, and joyful spontaneity of Framework 2 will be in my mind, so that the doors to creative living are open.

Four: I will realize that the future is a probability. In terms of ordinary experience, nothing exists there yet. It is virgin territory, planted by my feelings and thoughts in the present. Therefore I will plant accomplishments and successes, and I will do this by remembering that nothing can exist in the future that I do not want to be there.

~from Session 891

Piva Canyon, Bosnia and Herzegovina