Fear & Hatred – misattributions of survival

Alex Grey - Man ThinkingPersistent fear and hatred both stem from an individuals perceived lack to manipulate his/her environment for survival. Most of these patterns are formed early in childhood long before a child learns how to speak.

Humans unlike many animals when they are born, are completely dependent on a caregiver; usually their mother for survival. That survival is implicitly a form of social survival. In order for the child to feel secure it must feel adequate social relational love which is the signal that the child’s basic biological needs will also be met. Thus for humans social survival precedes biological survival and is the more important of the two at the formative infant level. The desire for social approval thus is one of the primary governing factors in human relations. Threats of un-approval thus are interpreted by the emotional body as a direct threat to survival and this is why they elicit such powerful emotional reactions in most people.

Fear is the result of a mother who gives inadequate, or sporadic attention to the child. This creates a formative anxiety. A mother who is very busy, depressed, or emotionally unavailable and does not give the infant adequate support will often trigger this.

Hatred stems from fear and is the result of a mother who gets distracted by other people and does not give the child adequate attention. The child will learn to hate those that appear to steal attention away from because of the perceived threat to their survival.

Fear and hatred and any subsequent complexes then become the go-to response when a person feels socially threatened. Again this pattern is set up early in childhood and will persist causing a person many problems socially and relationally until these are resolved at the root emotional level. Neediness, social anxiety, lack of confidence, self-doubts and poor self-esteem are all complexes that originate from this.

As an adult the concept of survival needs to be disconnected from the emotions of fear and hatred. Fear and hatred are unnecessary for survival in those terms and in fact will threaten it more than help it.


The following are sections form The Early Sessions Book 2 of The Seth Material and expands on this subject. What I wrote above was inspired by it.

“Limitations set upon the self are damaging to the race as a whole, and impede value fulfillment. Psychic gates are closed by parents and fences set up around the self, closing out many important possibilities of growth and fulfillment; these barriers must be broken; as man’s conception of himself enlarges so will his actual capabilities and possibilities be extended. His psychic limitations are largely self-adopted….

…Hatred does not exist as a basic psychological structure, it is, however, the result of psychological manipulation of fear; and fear is not a basic psychological structure.

Survival is a basic psychological structure. Consciousness survival: construction of this basic psychological structure of consciousness survival must be interpreted, or projected or constructed, in terms of physical survival within your physical field.

Inadequate perception, manipulation, or construction in the psychological structure of consciousness survival leads to the psychological creation of fear and hatred.

The individual then constructs fear and hatred into physical construction, giving fear and hatred definite physical form. The error is in the original inability to perceive the correct inner data, the basic underlying psychological the basic underlying consciousness survival.

Energetic CreationThis error may become habitual, coloring all other psychological structures, and resulting in unfortunate and dangerous physical constructions. They are extremely destructive errors, and have many causes. The physical construction is then perceived by the outer senses as threatening and fearful, and influences through the outer senses the inner individual, so that he begins a vicious circle in an attempt to form further, more threatening physical constructions to combat the earlier ones. And the greater the number of such destructive physical constructions, the greater his expectation of further fear.

I have hinted at the reasons for such errors. Habitual errors become part of the psychological perspective. Communication between individuals in the psychological perspective is almost exclusively telepathic, and is picked up early by the young from their parents. In the beginning, children actually begin their physical construction along lines telepathically received from their parents, at the same time that they learn their own manipulation in the psychological perspective….

…There is nothing to force an individual for example to form psychological gestalts of hate and fear from the basic structure of consciousness survival. To do so represents an inability to perceive clearly the nature of the basic structure, and such an inability often carries over into habit so that other basic structures are also misinterpreted….

….The emotions indeed do form the expectations, and it is not the other way around. As physical objects can be manipulated, so can the emotions be manipulated, so can they be combined into various shapes and psychic constructions. A man’s expectations are the result of his emotional heritage, and his own ability to understand and manipulate that heritage.

If he manipulates that heritage well, then his expectations will work for him. The emotions are to be used and enjoyed as psychic building blocks. There is no law, however, stating that a man cannot instead throw these blocks to the winds and hope that when they fall down they might possibly fall into a castle.

Again, expectations are not only vital in the formation of physical constructions, but they also determine what inner data of all available, will be received by the individual; and then the individual interprets the data in terms of the same expectations.

The core of individuality, then, is the individual’s expectations, for he will truly get what he wants, individually and collectively.

If a man wants to change his fate, desire is not enough, but expectation is. Desire may grow into expectation, but alone it is not enough. Expectation is actually the main trigger that switches inner data into the realm of physical construction. Without it, no physical construction results.

This is extremely valuable information, particularly concerning the part played by expectation in the sifting of available data. Expectation is somewhat influenced also by past existences, and yet not enough to be binding upon the present personality.

interpretacion-de-los-suenosAn expectation of danger will indeed create danger. An expectation of success will create success. This is put very simply and yet there is nothing, in practical terms, more valid, since expectation has behind it the motivating force of the personality, and utilizes on a subconscious level strong abilities and comprehensions. Expectation is the force, then, that triggers psychic realities into physical construction…

…Since I have said that expectations are formed by the emotions, then it is obviously the basic emotions themselves that must be manipulated, since the expectations are the frameworks formed by the emotions. This is the starting point.

It is pointless to ignore the tact that you feel hatred, even though hatred is a distortion of a basic psychic mobility. Unless you learn never to distort the basic consciousness survival in terms of hatred, you will always have to deal with seemingly unresolved hatreds and aggressions.

Aggressions are merely the result of energy not clearly directed, invalid survival patterns. If these aggressions are not handled with some degree of success, they will form themselves into expectations, where they will then let forth their power in the formation of unfortunate constructions.

Emotions, or emotional energy, can be transformed rather easily from one to the other. The energy in hate can be utilized in love, for example. However, aggressions can be turned into constructive terms if care is used. Aggressions should be, as soon as possible after their recognition, turned into constructions. If not, consciously you forget the aggression; the energy stores up until it explodes in what we will call an unsupervised construction…

…Physical activity is an excellent way of using and controlling the effect of aggressive reaction, and will prevent the buildup of aggressive emotions into unsupervised physical constructions, and also prevent the habitual piling up of such aggressions, where detrimental constructions result continually…

…There is no getting around what I have said. Emotional power behind your expectations powers your expectations into physical reality.

The subconscious, as you call it, represent a tremendous raw power that triggers forth into construction according to the expectations which you form from the emotions. The intellect should help you understand this power plant, so that you can switch your power where it is needed. The intellect should operate like an x-ray, enabling you to see inward.

While many of your expectations are formed in childhood, no switch is really stuck in one position, and it is your prerogative to channel your emotional energy into whatever pattern for action you desire. It is extremely important, if difficult, to probe and to discover exactly what your present expectations are. Not your desires but your expectations, for you will only construct physically that environment which you believe capable of construction. It has been said that oftentimes men’s expectations are too high for their abilities, but indeed expectations form abilities; and if expectations were higher, so would abilities flourish.”

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