2012 to ∞…a new Spiritual Paradigm

gateway to a new reality“In your terms, until now your consciousness has specialized in neurological patterning. As mentioned, this was extremely important while it learned the art of specialized focus. Now, however, it must begin to recognize that it can indeed expand, and bring into its awareness other quite legitimate realities. The nature of probabilities must be understood, for the time has come in the world as you experience it where the greatest wisdom and discrimination are needed. Your consciousness and neurological prejudice blind you to the full dimension of physical activity. The true implications of physical action are not as yet apparent to you.

You are beginning to understand the reality of your planet. You cannot plunder it, for example — something you are only beginning to learn. Opening up your consciousness to previously denied messages would bring you in direct contact with other life-forms on your planet in a way that you have formerly denied yourselves. Your cellular knowledge of past and future probabilities alone would teach you a spiritual and corporal courtesy.

The “unknown” reality sustains you and the web of life as you understand it. Your conscious concepts must enlarge so that the conscious self can understand its true nature. As you think of it, consciousness is barely — half developed. It has learned to identify with one small group of neurologically accepted responses. Portions of the brain not used lie latent, waiting for the recognition that will trigger them into, activity. When this happens, the mind will become aware of the rich bed of probabilities upon which the ego now rides so blindly.

The great latent-but-always-sensed dimensions of spiritualized creaturehood will then begin to flower. A few great men have glimpsed those abilities, and their love of the race and their integrity had caused them to trigger the unused portions of the brain. In their way they sensed the great probable future and its ramifications.

In centuries past they saw your present, though through their own vision, and so it was only partially the present as you know it. Your emotional reality truly leaps into its own only now and then, for your very concepts of yourselves deny the multidimensional aspects of your being. The need and the yearning to love and to know are both biologically present within you. They are present within the animals, and within a blade of grass.

The concepts of God that you have, have gone hand-in-hand with the development of your consciousness. The ego emerging, needed to feel its dominance and control, and so it imagined a dominant god apart from nature.

Often nations acted as group egos — each with its own god-picturing, its own concepts of power. When ever a tribe or a group or a nation decided to embark upon a war, it always used the concept of its god to lead it on.

LeopardThe god concept then was an aid, and an important one, to man’s emerging ego. To develop its sense of specialization, the ego forgot the great cooperative venture of the earth. If a hunter literally knows his relationship with an animal, he cannot kill it. On deeper levels both animal and man understand the connections. Biologically the man knows he has come from the earth. Some of his cells have been the cells of animals, and the animal knows he will look out through a man’s eyes. The earth venture is cooperative. The slain beast is tomorrow’s hunter. In terms of ego consciousness, however, there were stages of growth; and the god concepts that spoke of oneness with nature were not those that served the ego’s purposes in the line of development as you understand it.

For a while such techniques worked. Always, however, there was the undeniable inner self in the background: man’s dreams, his biological and spiritual integrity, and these in one way or another were always before him.

In your probability you did allow the inner self some freedom. Therefore, the so-called egotistical consciousness was not given complete sway. It remained flexible enough so that even hidden in its god concepts there were symbols of greater reality. Your system deals with physical manipulability, again, and the translation of creativity into physical form. An exterior separation had to occur for a while, in which consciousness forgot, egotistically speaking, that it was a part of nature, and pretended to be apart.

It was known, however — and unconsciously written in the cells and mind and heart — that this procedure would only go so far. When man’s consciousness was sure of itself it would not need to be so narrowly focused. Then the true flowering of humanity’s consciousness could begin. Then the ego could expand and become aware of realities it had “earlier” ignored.

You have put yourselves in a position where your consciousness must now become aware of the probable pasts and probable futures, in order to form for yourselves a sane, fulfilling, and creative present.

Mother Earth EyeEgo consciousness must now be familiarized with its roots, or it will turn into something else. You are in a position where your private experience of yourself does not correlate with what you are told by your societies, churches, sciences, archaeologies, or other disciplines. Man’s “unconscious* knowledge is becoming more and more consciously apparent. This will be done under and with the direction of an enlightened and expanding egotistical awareness, that can organize the hereto neglected knowledge — or it will be done at the expense of the reasoning intellect, leading to a rebirth of superstition, chaos, and the unnecessary war between reason and intuitive knowledge.

When, at this point now, of mankind’s development, his emerging unconscious knowledge is denied by his institutions, then it will rise up despite those institutions, and annihilate them. Cult after cult will emerge each unrestrained by the use of reason, because reason will have denied the existence of rampant unconscious knowledge, disorganized and feeling its own ancient force.

If this happens, all kinds of old and new religious denominations will war, and all kinds of ideologies surface. This need not take place, for the conscious mind — basically, now — having learned to focus in physical terms, is meant to expand, to accept unconscious intuitions and knowledge, and to organize these deeply creative principles into cultural patterns.

The great emotion of love has been thus far poorly used, yet it represents even the biological impetus of your own being. Your religions in a large measure have taught you to hate yourselves and physical existence. Thev have told you to love God, but rarely taught you to experience the gods in yourselves.

Now: In one way or another religions have always followed, again, the development of your consciousness, and so they have served its purposes and yours; and they have always reflected, though distorted, those greater inner realities of your being. In historic terms, as you understand them, the “progression” of religion gives you a perfect picture of the development of human consciousness, the differentiation of peoples and nations, and the growth of the ideas of the “individual.”

There is nothing wrong with the concept of an egotistically based individual being: I am not suggesting, therefore, that your individuality is something to be lost, thrown aside, or superseded. Nor am I saying that it should be buried, submerged, or dissolved in a superself. I am not suggesting that its edges be blurred by a powerful unconscious.

male female juxtapositionI am saying that the individual self must become consciously aware of far more reality; that it must allow its recognition of identity to expand so that it includes previously unconscious knowledge. To do this you must understand, again, that man must move beyond the concepts of one god, one self, one body, one world, as these ideas are currently understood. You are now poised, in your terms, upon a threshold from which the race can go many ways. There are species of consciousness. Your species is in a time of change. There are potentials within the body’s mechanisms, in your terms, not as yet used. Developed, they can immeasurably enrich the race, and bring it to levels of spiritual and psychic and physical fulfillment. If some changes are not made, the race as such will not endure.

This does not mean that you will not endure, or that in another probability the race will not — but that in your terms of historical sequence, the race will not endure.

Speaking now in those historic terms that you understand, let me say that there was no single-line development from animal to man, but parallel lines, in which for centuries animal-man and man-animal coexisted cooperatively. In the same way now, unknown amongst you, many species of what you may call probable man dwell in embryo form.

Because of the ego’s particular line of development, you have experimented with artificial drugs and chemicals, both in foods and for medicinal purposes, as well as for “religious” enlightenment. Some of the effects of LSD and other artificial psychedelic drugs give you a hint of other probable directions your consciousness might have followed, or might still follow. As the experiments are conducted, however, and in the ignorance of the frameworkthe conscious mind takes a subordinate position. Instead, using methods other than drugs, it could be taught to expand its knowledge far more safely, to organize it in ways that could be most advantageous. Still, some of the experiments do give hints of certain aspects of one of the species’ probable developments.

“In the next century, the inner nature of man…will free itself from many constraints that have bound it. A new era will indeed begin—not, now, a heaven on earth, but a far more sane and just world, in which man is far more aware of his relationship with his planet and of his freedom within time.”

Seth Speaks, Session 586

You cannot do anything, literally, that is not natural. Nevertheless, over a period of time “artificial” chemicals taken with food into the body will form a new kind of nature, in your terms. Your bodies are beautifully equipped, and will turn almost anything to their advantage. According to many schools of thought, artificial drugs, so-called, or chemicals, are considered in a very negative light, cutting you off from nature. Yet such experiments represent a strong line of probability only in its “infancy,” in which man could sustain himself without draining the earth, live without killing animals, and literally form a new kind of physical structure connected to the earth, while not depleting its substance. This does not mean that some biological confusion might not result in the meantime. It does mean that even in those terms, and consciously unknowing, mankind is experimenting with a probable species and working out quite spiritual issues. Your probable futures and your probable pasts, in larger terms, exist at once.”

Excerpt from: The “Unknown” Reality Volume One pg.83-88 (Bold emphasis mine)

Justin Totemical