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Jan 25 2016

Bodynamic Character Analysis guide

We learn as children to ignore any elements of reality that make our caretakers anxious so we can preserve our bond with them. If our own emotions appear to cause stress to our parents then we will unconsciously learn to suppress them compromising our own authenticity. Children then will not learn emotional regulation, but emotional dissociation …

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Jan 08 2015

Peak Experience & Bodynamic Therapy – Video Interviews

Recently I had the privilege of interviewing Erik Jarlnaes one of the original founders of Bodynamic Therapy In Los Angeles along with Joel Isaacs founder of Bodynamic USA. I split the interview into two parts based on primary subject matter.  

Aug 06 2014

My Bodymap Analysis

Recently I had a Bodynamic Bodymap done by Joel Isaacs one of only a few people in North America trained to do them. The process takes about 3 hours as approximately 150 muscles and fascia are tested individually for their elasticity. It is the single most powerful self discovery and development tool ever created. The …

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May 24 2013

Somatic Psychotherapy – a new paradigm

Cognitive behavioral therapy has been the most dominant form of psychotherapy for the last 100 years deriving from Freud.  Recent advances in neuropsychology however have come to question the very foundations of this understanding of human psychology. Somatic psychology takes nearly the opposite approach of cognitive behavioral psychology and rewrites many of our basic assumptions on how we think human beings work …

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