Hyper-dimensional fractal cube reality

Hyper-dimensional fractal cube reality The underlying structure of most things in the universe appears to be cube or grid like. This appears to be how the universe creates order on a primordial abstract level. The fractal cube process and the unfolding of it, is how the universe expands. The process of fractal squares provides the framework for how the golden spiral or vortex is created. The process of cube outward unfolding/expansion is a masculine process, where as [...]

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There is no single universe – the illusion of continuous matter & time

In a recent Google Tech Talk - The Quantum Conspiracy: What Popularizers of QM Don't Want You to Know Ron Garret makes the case for the "Zero-Worlds" theory. What I like about it is how it destroys our notion of an absolute materialistic universe and makes it appear as if our universe really is a construct of a matrix like quantum computer. He makes the case that that human brain is classical, like a turing machine [...]

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