Somatic Psychotherapy – a new paradigm

Einstein and his therapist Cognitive behavioral therapy has been the most dominant form of psychotherapy for the last 100 years deriving from Freud.  Recent advances in neuropsychology however have come to question the very foundations of this understanding of human psychology. Somatic psychology takes nearly the opposite approach of cognitive behavioral psychology and rewrites many of our basic assumptions on how we think human beings work at the most basic level. Somatic psychotherapy is based primarily around a person's relation to, and [...]

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Fractal Brain Theory & How to start A Revolutionary Movement

Recently I watched the following videos by Wai H. Tsang on his fractal brain theory and how to start a revolutionary movement. His presentations are incredible and tie in many facets in a multi-disciplinary way. Much of the information he presents is along the same lines of this website. The talks inspired me to create the following page Gestalt Synthesis - which provides and overview of the areas I am interested in and respective sources of [...]

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