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The Universe as God

A Challenge to your Imagination

Imagine for a moment you are God.  You exist before time, before the universe, before everything! You have no body you have no shape, it hasn’t been created yet. You are just floating in space. You are pure consciousness without form or shape, it’s as if you were nothing. How would you even know you existed? You have no external reference points, and no internal reference points either for that matter. You have no idea who you are and what you’re even capable of.

You are God, nothing exists outside of you, you are everything. You are pure energy, completely formless and unlimited. You are infinite. Something very difficult to comprehend. Now, you wish to learn about yourself, and who you are and what you can do. So you begin to create, but since you are everything and are infinite you can’t create outside of yourself you must create within yourself. It is impossible for something to exist outside of infinity. So you begin to create dimensions like up and a down, and left and right, you begin to create little objects within your self. These objects are not separate from you, they are you, they are within you.

Now you have established internal reference points and objects and are learning about yourself, and what you are capable of. Yet you are not finished. You begin to create little entities within yourself and give them consciousness, so they can look up at you and say: “Ah that’s God, this is me, and this is what we can do.” The singularity has become a plurality but at the fundamental level it is still a singularity.

Thus the illusion of separation is born. Ultimately there is no separation, but the illusion of separation at the superficial level serves a purpose. Without the illusion of separation without reference points you could not create, you could not experience! You would not know up from down, you would not know there, as oppose to here. The relative framework is setup perfectly to give rise to experience. Without it, it would be as if nothing existed. You could not compare yourself to anything and therefore you would not even know, you existed. Variety and diversity are extremely important because they help to differentiate one part of the whole from another. Time and space are also important so we can locate things relative to something else. In order for there to be even such a thing as ‘pleasure’ its polar opposite ‘pain’ must also exist and be experiential. Something can only exist with reference to its polar opposite. Everything in the universe appears in dualities. These are a fundamental need for existence and experience’s of the given nature.

This is a really important point. At the fundamental level everything is energy, mass is just condensed energy, and we know from quantum physics all energy in the universe and in existence is interconnected. Everything influences everything else at the quantum level. This energy is God stuff. It is consciousness. Energy can also never be created or destroyed only transformed from one form into another. So in essence the energy has always been there forever and ever and will always be there forever and ever; it is infinite, it is God.  The universe behaves like ONE gigantic organism. With every part, equally as important as every other part. No Thing in the universe likewise could possibly be more superior fundamentally than any other thing. The whole being is greater than the sum of its parts. Ultimately everything in the universe is connected and influences everything else. It is impossible to differentiate one part of the whole from another part at the fundamental level because ultimately it is all made of the same stuff and acts and behaves like ONE. This encompasses All That Is.

So what’s the point you ask? The point and purpose of the universe is so that God could experience Itself and come to know Itself through creating within Itself. Remember God can’t create outside itself because God IS everything and always has been, and always will be.

What is the meaning of all this? Meaning is something that exists only temporarily in time. You can do something that will be meaningful to you today, but in a million years what does it mean?? Will anyone care, will you care? One thing is certain about the universe and that is change. NOTHING stays the same, and this gives rise to diversity. The universe even at the most basic energetic level is teeming with motion. There is no stasis and ultimately therefore you can never attach meaning to any one thing eternally. To attach meaning to any moment in time eternally you would have to freeze the entire universe and all of existence. You would have to stop life! And then it would be as if nothing existed.

Now there is no meaning yet there is purpose and the purpose of All That Is, is to experience and create. It’s a self discovery process on all levels of existence. You have been given free-will to create and experience life(God) in what ever way you choose. People often get caught up in a search for the meaning of life and try to artificially impose some sort of eternal meaning on something. It always fails. The point is to create and experience and the process of evolution allows you to learn more and more, and to create and experience with more variety and diversity. This is the true wonder of life.

The purpose of existence of God is to experience reality in all its forms in all possible and probable ways. To experience, birth and death, relationships, life in the physical universe, and then life also in the many non-physical realms. The pool of possible experience is so vast and magnificent, it is infinite. To live life in whatever way you choose is the purpose of life. To grow and sometimes through adversity to really understand all aspects of life. For you to become greater than something you are now. You would not truly understand something unless you experienced it. The goal is to get as much varied experience as possible of your choosing. There is no end to this process of gaining experience and creating. It is an infinite process. It ties past, present and future all together in the eternal moment of now.

The true joy in life is in experience of the NOW. The past and the future in the mind are not places of true joy. True joy is always experienced in the moment. Creativity always springs from the present moment. That is what the purpose of your life is. That is what the purpose of the universe is.

This understanding of the universe as God is not new. It is ancient. These understandings are at the very core of many ancient religions such as the Egyptian religion, Mayan religion, Hinduism, Gnosticism, Paganism, and various tribal religions across the face of the planet. It is only through time and the corruption of men that they have lost their original meaning and interpretation. This deserves an explanation.

Religions can basically be divided into 2 categories.

The first is for example Judeo-Christian type religions where the purpose of these religions are to have a relationship with the divine. This means usually that God is an external separate parent like entity. Most people understand this concept very well. This is the predominant belief among western/European civilizations. In this scenario God is very separate from his creation. God and his creation are irreconcilable.

The second is for example Hinduism, Buddhism, various tribal religions, Gnosticism, Egyptian religion at its core and various others. The purpose of these religions was to establish an identity with the divine. Let me explain this concept a little because most people don’t understand this. In this belief system the entire universe and everything within it, is divine ie.God. God is NOT a separate entity. God IS everything literally. This is known as pantheism. The purpose of these religions was that through life’s journeys and lessons you would become aware of the illusion of separation and come to know and understand your own divinity and experience mystical union with all that is! The purpose is to gain awareness, sentience, knowledge, experience, of the true nature of the universe which is unconditional love. To see past the illusion to see how truly great all of creation and existence truly is. How lovely it is, how intricate, indescribable, and beyond words. Astounding.

In Hinduism for example their books/scriptures have always been regarded as mythological and not as actual fact. Take the Egyptian religion for example what we term ‘Gods’ in their religions are more appropriately known to them as symbolic/mythological/archetypal representations of different aspects of the divine! This is crucial in understanding their type of philosophy and ideology. Ultimately the ancients knew everything was one and everything was God, they just had symbolic representations of the different aspects of the divine such as the divine aspect of fire, earth, air and water which were also sometimes given ‘God’ like names. They were never meant to be viewed as actual real separate God entities, they way we view God in the Judeo-Christian religion!!

The ancients mythologies were archetypal representations of man’s journey through life which contained various aspects of the divine. These helped individuals understand various governing principles of the universe and contained moral lessons, spiritual advice and so on. Now over the years, kings and rulers have often twisted these ancient religions so that what was considered different aspects of the divine was turned into actual separate God entities. Through this, kings and ruler stripped away the knowledge of everyone’s divinity and made themselves God so they could accumulate more power and money. So in this regard often these beautiful ancient religions have often been twisted to the greed of certain men and lost their original meaning!

    • Anonymous

      This was an incredible explaination, I wish everyone could see as clearly as you or I,

      • Satnam Singh

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    • Monopole

      You are mistaken. Jehova God is real and He is infinite but He is outside of and greater than the universe. He is everywhere omnipresent but HE IS NOT THE UNIVERSE. The universe or multiverse or whatever you want to call it is HIS CREATION. God is NOT nature and all is NOT one. We are individual persons/souls and we are not everything. This is the lie of monism and the New Age and paganism and eastern mysticism.

      There is a grain of truth: The universe is holographic and all mass and all energy is motion. That is true.
      But what you need to do is distinguish between God and the universe.

      Stuff like this (which is just rearranged Hinduism) collapses when faced against basic logic:

      If all is God and God is all and we are all God, and God is infinite and perfect, WHY and HOW can perfection become imperfection? IMPOSSIBLE. This is ILLOGICAL and IRRATIONAL. Either God is perfect and infinite, OR, God is imperfect and not infinite.

      You posted this:

      ” This is known as pantheism. The purpose of these religions was that through life’s journeys and lessons you would become aware of the illusion of separation and come to know and understand your own divinity and experience mystical union with all that is! The purpose is to gain awareness, sentience, knowledge, experience, of the true nature of the universe which is unconditional love. To see past the illusion to see how truly great all of creation and existence truly is. How lovely it is, how intricate, indescribable, and beyond words. Astounding.”

      That is nonsense. That is New Age deception. The Devil/Satan and his demons love people to believe this stuff. God IS the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. We see TRINITIES throughout the universe: Water = Ice Gas and Liquid, Matter is Proton Neutron and Electron, the Sun has chemical rays heat rays and radioactive rays. Man is Body Soul and Spirit. Color has Yellow Red and Blue.

      You do not get unconditional love from impersonal force. You are worshipping God as a force. That is not true. God is a Person. There is a Heaven and there is a Hell and everyone who dies without Jesus Christ as LORD is going to burn in HELL forever.

      Look at the fruits of Hinduism. People starving to death and full of disease while others call them untouchables and have the Hindu caste system and they let people die and say “Its their karma” while they feed cows and rats and bugs and worship snakes and idols.

      • mike

        Study a little etymology my friend, ( the study of words and their origins ie. their true meanings) try looking up the original meaning of the name lucipher. also note that almost every “nick- name” that was used to describe your lord “jesus christ” such as the morning star etc. was also used to refer to lucipher. and while your at it take a look at the origin story of the sumerians which happen to be thousands of years older than the jews in terms of civilization in all respects including religion and government. its quite literally the exact same story with the same names ( adam, eve) the only difference is that it hadn’t been edited and revised to say god rather than refer to the anunaki, their gods. you’re just as much a glorified sun worshiping pagan pantheist as the rest of us. you just dont know it. youve been victim to misinformation since you’ve been able to think and it wasnt you parents intent to do so either so dont blame them its not their fault. they didnt know either. your ignorance and intolerance toward alternate view points is merely you lack of sense to actually question what you’re told and find out for yourself.

      • Bor1am

        You might find the following of interest.

    • daBonster

      I have had this view of the Multiverse for as long as I am capable of remembering. It is heart warming to find another who is capable of presenting this concept, in a well thought out linear progression.

      For the ones who must proselytize and thump with their bible, haterade, and blinders to anything that conflicts with their bronze age mythological deity suffering from a multiple personality disorder, I salute your crazy. Your kind have engineered more deaths, suffering, wars, atrocities committed in the name of love, peace, and unity than any other one things attributable to human kind. Keep up the good work your satan would be proud of all the venality, exclusions, slavery, misogyny, bigotry, murders, and abuses committed in the name of your god.

    • BiPole

      Monopole….you are blind but one day you will see…..whether you like it or not!

    • jojo

      Hi Monopole,

      You have brain? therefore you can think, then why you allow others to think for you? obviously, all you have said is not yours but from the collections of information imposed to you since your birth – from parents, eductaions, religions etc. so all of those having said knowledges were embed and stored in your mind/memory and retrieved once there is something against it that depicts you belief. It means- IT IS STORED. This belief carried you of where you are now, did you?

      I’m sorry but I don’t have enough time to explain it to you briefly for I am so bsuy for other things but i advice you try to open the door and escape from your prison, only then you will find out that there is more valuable that the universe can offer than what you believe in. Don’t let your religion prisons your mind. They are not the only part of the universe to explore. If you limit your knowledges of what religion teach you then you will not to come out with truth. Otherwise, debunking some beliefs which existed older than you religion, is a complete mess in your part.

      Believing is different from Knowing. Once you belief in something you stop thinking. You stop inquiring. Believing without inquiring is the most poisonous thing that destroy the human intelligence.

      “You have to unlearned yourself so the truth will come in…”

    • amothman33

      In the global village,where different cultures are being exposed to each other,tolerance and learning from each other is a must.I thank you for a beautiful expose.The universe is the outer name of god.the inner name in which the outer name is revealed is incomprehensible.god is not a person, god is the light of the universe, the energy ,the consciousness, the knowledge that created everything, the sufis say god was a concealed treasure that created the universe in order to know him.Knowledge is the road to him and knowledge is acquired through experience, the practical aspect not the theortical.Retreat is the tool of initiation toward him, that is why we strife in him ,the outer ,the inner ,the first ,the last, the up , the down .the pleasure , the pain and the life and death.Death is our transition to him, that is why we have to do our utmost to beautify our transition while alive.

    • Ukslice

      God is not perfect. Perfection is stagnation. Stagnation is death. God is eternally becoming. Creating, striving for perfection and if by some accident perfection is attained, destroy it and start again. It’s all about the journey, not the goal and why should it be any less for God.

      • Brent Yarbrough

        What we call “Perfect” is not what it was intended to mean. To perfect something is to make it complete. Singularity is complete, therefore “God” is perfection or “All in All”. It does not mean a place of utopia, as many think of “perfect” as being without pain or suffering or getting everything to a specific standard that we like to call “perfection”. Our popular understanding of perfection is flawed. “Everything is perfect.” All things are complete. The Ocean is a perfect ocean when it is calm as well as when it rages. You are perfectly you, even though you transform from day to day. We do not remain the same, as we think we might. There is one singularity, in all of us and all around us that is complete. It is what animates all things. There are many contexts in reality that make things seem so complex. We like to make them simple though nothing is just black in white. As a human, we can “find God” and serve God by the outflow of love toward all of creation. It is a context and a language used for teaching that we might do what is taught. Many humans have come out of oppression. We have lacked the understanding and loved not knowing the truth because the lies we made into our reality became our identities. Some wake up and come into the light and know that they are God. Some choose to continue to sleep out fear or comfort or both can be the same. In order to know truth, in order to live, we must die. What we become, already is and always has been. We ultimately do not “become” anything because we already are. Space-time is truly an amazing concept to help understand this. You are always being born, you are always growing, you are always dying. Time just tells the story. Now, step back and observe you’re whole life. Do you observe by looking from the outside or do you observe by looking from the inside? Why not both? Why not experience every aspect of knowing. This is gnosis! We are who we are that knowing may truly be intimate! Context even changes in my words but if you are careful, you will see exactly what I’m saying. “WE ARE NEVER BORN!” “WE NEVER DIE!” We are always at the point of singularity. It’s all a perception.

    • mysticalsense

      “एकोऽहं बहु स्याम् ” (ekoham bahusyam) ~ I am One manifesting as many.
      It is the crux of the creation coming into existence from one primordial stuff . Likewise the various Upanishads have expressed The One to be pervading the Many (living and non-living) that exist.

      “The pendulum of the mind alternates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong.” – Carl Jung

    • John Sorensen

      I like this article. It is very similar to Australian author Tom Chalko’s “The Freedom of Choice”

    • ChristopherBlackwell

      Odd to think I have thought that for some time, but have never had a name for it.

    • beyondEinstein

      Professor Hawking looking- there is no place for
      God in theories on the creation of the Universe yet- I am looking God is in

    • Aetzbar

      Secrets of the Universe

      In the beginning was infinite
      geometric space. This space became filled with Static Time at
      absolute rest and absolute cold. Static time is strictly quantitative, and does
      not differentiate between past, present and future. Being quantifiable and
      measurable, static time is a scientific concept. Static time of 0.0033
      microseconds per meter will be measured regardless of the direction chosen.

      Stars move through static time, which
      does not disrupt their motion. Static time exists but is imperceptible. Static
      time is the deepest secret of the universe.

      Static time fills all infinite space,
      eliminating the possibility of a vacuum.
      Static Time Waves (STW) travel through static time. The speed of STW is
      300,000 km/second.

      Aetzbar in amazon

      The Newtonian universe is based on matter
      and force.

      The Einsteinian universe is based on matter
      and energy.

      The Aetzbarian universe is based on static
      time and energy.

      There is no gravity, and there is no
      gravity waves.

      There is Static Time , and there is Static Time Waves.

      There is a particles of Static Time.

      Static Time is real and measured.

      Everyone knows the Dynamic Time.

      It is time to recognize the Static

      • Satnam Singh

        God has only produced God energy which is one of the options available with the God to make, run and even destroy the same. Everything is produced by God and God is omni-present i.e. air,water,human beings, plants,fire,computer software,machines,hheavenly bodies,solar system,earth and in between earth and solar. Everything visible or invisible is God and are controlled by God and it is all game of God. If someone is doing good or bad , that is also being done/controlled by God . Do you think what you are imagining or doing that you are doing, NO, it is being done by God and your deeds are also being done by God otherwise you are more powerful than God or do you think that God is so weak and you are so powerful that God cannot mend you. No God can do anything within a moment i.e. it can produce or destroy several universes within a moment. Only difference is that it has produced God energy ( magnetic energy) in which it is disseminated every where.These energies can produce any protons,neutrons,electrons and are producing continuously and souls are also similar energies. Astrology is also due to these energies as different energies are moving the planets,sun and earth and these energies produce different chemicals which come to us directly or indirectly and affect us accordingly which extends to other stars /heavenly bodies. It is similar to what we get from the Sun.Even our mind/brain is controlled by God energies and our body too and thus the whole universe.But the game of God is this in which all of us/other souls get different powers due to their deeds and universe goes on like this but everything is a part of God as nothing can be produced and work without God.Do not be under any misgiving that only atoms are produced due to these energies ( electrons,photons,protons, neutrons etc) but the whole universe is produced by these energies as per the order of God. God can convert itself into one electron and can withdraw the whole God energy within a moment and thus whole universe becomes a single God particle. Gravitational force, electricity, IT software, radiations,souls, are all part of God energies only.Whatever we can see, is all coming or being formed by the invisible energies and everything is being done in a logical/scientific way which the scientists are yet to understand. Black energy is also a part of this energy only like black hole,bermuda triangle,instellar energies and anything you observe or not, is a part of God energy which is a creation of God only. For more details watch the 13 videos on God energy by satnam wadhwa and get clarify all your doubts.

      • Satnam Singh

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      • Satnam Singh

        ARE AND HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT FROM GOD — The best way is to define GOD is its comparision with a river which is say flowing from himalayas and reaches the ocean while passing through the plain areas. The water of this river is very pure at himalayas as it is free from impurities like dust, chemicals and bacterias and when it reaches the plan area it gets contaminated due to harmful chemicals pour into it alongwith other various impurities and thus the quality of water in the river gets deterioted and it is further worsen by the time it reaches the ocean. It is not much difficult to understand that it is same river where at the starting point the water is so pure and good for health and thus it gives us life but at the contarary to it, it takes life when contaminated near to ocean. now GOD is te great soul ( or sum total of all the souls) which in its purest form can take a shape of even a God particle i.e. electron,proton,photon,neutron et el but it can do anything within a even fraction of a moment i.e. it can creat crores of universes and anything else which even we cannot imagine. let us talk about this universe and prior to that such situations might have happened unlimited times which only God knows. Then GOD just created God Energy and deseminated in it in the form of the various souls and performs all the activities/functions and whatever is happening in the universes is as per the order/direction of God only. God energy consists of magnetism which can produce,move and destroy anything but all in a logical manner in a scientific way as per the wish of the God. God energy generation is not a one time affair as it is a continuous process. God energy/souls are invisible to our naked eyes mainly but its effects are visible at many places wit/without microscopes/telescopes. For instance black energy as observed by the scientists can produce/destroy the material/substances but it is true for the whole universe even on earth also that it is God Energy only as per the directions of GOD that produces every materialistic things,Whatever we are seeing in an atom/cell etc is due to these energies only which are moving,prodcing/ destroying . A laser beam is also a part of God Energy like electricity and gravitational force like crores of other such energies.Do not be under any misunderstanding that the earth is pulling everything towards its center due to gravitational force rather it is a pushing force which is a combination of two energies i.e. North-South magnetic energy and radial magnetic energy. In religious terms God energy is OM/ONKAR , EK NOOR and ither/flux r nature et el. And the whole universe is connected completely through these energies. Even ideas to our brains are coming from other super souls as our soul has an abode in the brain at one gram sized mass which drives our body and this is also known as mind,third eye, tisri ankh etc. God energy forms our body and runs our body system on a continuous basis and all the activities are done by it only which we think as if we are doing it and so those who have known it has said NOTHING to themselves as God is doing everything. This universe is just a small game for the God and whatever is happening to us is also happening to God as it is happening to God energy too. This universe is working on a very small motions as far as for GOD it is concerned as he can do anything within a moment. Most of the universal mysteries will be clear to you once you know as to how these energies function/move this universe. For more details you can visit my 13 videos on youtube under ” God energy by satnam wadhwa” if you feel like and this is not the only birth for us as it is very lone journey of souls which are very very powerful but what we know as human beings is just nothing though we might be boasting of it too much. And God is omni-present,omni-potent but will appear to us only when we will reach the level of truthfulness when cheating,greediness,looting,cleverness etc will go from our life and all this will happen when God will wish it and never forget our journey and we are getting/losing as per that only and it is applicable to all of us but we might be at different stages of it and getting and losing accordingly as God is not partial to anyone.

      • Satnam Singh

        WHAT IS THE GAME OF GOD —- First we have to understand that everything is happening as per order of God and the universe what we see is just a very small part of it and what is invisible to us even with the microscopes and telescopes, is much more crucial and complex and important too. Just to understand the God?God energy/Game of God, we take an instance of a river flowing from Himalayas to sea say Ganga and each drop of it constitute it starting from Himalayas to sea but still there is a huge difference as the water at the starting point is as good as Amrit i.e. pure and good for health but as this water proceeds to plain area, it becomes dirty and dirtier and dirtiest at sea level entry but still it is called water of that river though it is just opposite at the starting and finishing point as same pure/amrit becomes poisonous water at the entry at sea level. And in the same manner everything in this universe/universes is a part of God or comprised of God/God energy but the major difference is that at Avatars levels it has given powers to deal with invisible things or they are more powerful whether positive or nagative all within the power of God and they also work as per the order of God only and without God they are also as helpless as anybody else. Then in this world on earth human beings which are given less power as compared to Avatars/angels/aliens etc and further animals have less powers but more than plants,stones,water,air etc as far as intellectuality is concerned and our mind/soul/sixth sense/third eye etc are getting energies either directly from God or theough these invisible energies in the form of Avatars/aliens/jins/devi devtas/angels/aliens etc wich are very rarely visible to us and thus God is spraed in each and everything through God energy/souls and there is nothing in this universe and beyond that which is made up of without God but it will not be visible to everyone as it is the most secret of his game and he will disclose it to very rare ones.Every part of everybody is functioning fue to these energies and the gravitational force what we call it which is nothing but is God energy and performs all the functions on our body but God has confused every one as a part of his game and releases knowledge and substances etc as per his game needs all in an accurate manner and we think we have done it and we are completely wrong.And remember whatever is happening on us/universe is first happening on God and then coming to us and it is a long journey of our souls and all this is a small part of his game which is unimaginable by us.

      • Satnam Singh

        WHO / WHAT IS GOD —- Most of us are utterly confused starting from the existence or otherwise of God, what is soul/mind/third eye/atma etc, God is present everywhere but not seen no where but sometimes try to belive it as heard from others and in reality NO.There are sometimes so many Gods but still noone knows the real one, other day some one was saying that there is no God as such and it is us who have created God, It is true that the Avatars etc have seen it,talked to it every time and expressed to others but still we cannot understand it and if we see everything it is there but still it comes to mind what is God. Sometimes when we see alaround happenings then we say Yes God is there but where and how things work in the universe but God is very very very smart and does not reveal his secrets so easily to most of us as it is a part of his game. Similar is the position of scientists they are also completely confused as the real thing i.e. God energy theory is not clear which Guru Nanak Dev Ji had mentioned clearly and was stated in Hinduism and other religions too and all are fighting with each other i.e. one religion with other one and science etc but every thing is being done by God/ God enrgy/Allah/Waheguru/Parmatma/nature/ither /omkar etc as all is one and same thing but those who have seen it with third eye trust it and others are confused and they are right to do so as they have only bookish knowledge which simply cannot convince.We yet do not know much about God and whatever we have known yet, the crores times of that is still happening in just a moment. VERY SOON I MAY BRING AN ANIMATED VIDEO WHICH WILL CLARIFY THE EVERYTHING HAPPENING IN THIS UNIVERSE AS STATED BY THE GREAT AVATARS/SAINTS. iT IS LIKE THIS AS IF A RIVER STARING FROM SAY hIMALAYAS IS VERY PURE AND AS IT PASSES THROUGH PLAIN AREAS OTHER DIRTY THINGS/CHEMICALS ARE GET MIXED INTO IT AND NEAR TO OCEAN IT FURTHER BECOMES MORE DIRTY/DANGEROUS/POISONOUS ALSO SOMETIMES BUT THE RIVER IS SAME AND AT STARTING POINT WATER IS PURE AND WE MAY CALL IT amrit AND AT ITS END OR NEAR TO OCEAN IT BECOMES DIRTY AND WATER IS NOT WORTH DRINKING BUT RIVER IS SAME. SIMILARLY THE WHOLE UNIVERSE IS MADE UP FROM GOD ENERGY/GOD AND IT CONTAINS GOOD SOULS/BAD SOULS WHICH ARE VERY POWERFUL AND CAN PERFORM THE ANY WORK WITHIN A MOMENT AS PER THE DIRECTIONS OF GOD WHICH MAY BE POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE TO US AS AVATARS/SAINTS/ANGELS ETC ARE GOOD SOULS AND HELPFUL TO US AND CONTRARY TO THAT NEGATIVE OR BAD SOULS WORK ACCORDINGLY AND THROUGH THEM GOD CONTROL EACH AND EVERY THING IN THIS UNIVERSE. WE HUMAN BEINGS ARE ALSO AVE SOUL IN OUR BODY ( IN BRAIN AT TEMPLE) WHICH RECEIVES ALL THE SIGNALS FROM OTHER POWERFUL SOULS AROUND US AND CONTROL US IN EACH RESPECT BUT WE MAY THINK WE ARE DOING THE THINGS BUT REALITY IS DIFFERENT. GOD GIVES US LESS POWER AS HUMAN BEINGS OTHERWISE AFTER DEATH OUR SOUL IS ALSO EQUALLY POWERFUL AND FURTHER ANIMALS HAVE LESS POERS AND PLANTS HAVE FURTHER LESS POWERS AND FURTHER METALS,NON METALS,CLAY,STONE ETC HAVE FURTHER LESS POWERS AND EVERYTHING COMES FROM SPACE AND WE ALL ARE SEARCHING IT IN OUR BODY BUT IT IS THERE AND COMING FROM SPACE WHICH IS A VERY COMPLEX SYSTEM. wHOLE UNIVERSE IS MADE UP OF THE GOD ENERGY AND WHAT ARE THE CHANGES ARE TAKING PLACE INSIDE OUR BODY ARE DUE TO THIS gOD ENERGY ONLY AND IN FACT WHOLE UNIVERSE IS ALSO SUBJECTED TO . WHOLE UNIVERSE IS MOVING/WORKING DUE TO THESE ENERGIES WHICH ARE BEING PRODUCED CONTINUOUSLY. IT IS A VERY BIG SUBJECT AND VERY EASY TO UNDERSTAND PROVIDED YOU UNDERSTAND AS H

      • Satnam Singh

        DO YOU KNOW HOW EARTH GETS CHANGED AND HIMALAYAS FORMED —The earth has been changed significantly
        many times and earlier civilisation went inside the earth upto 100-200 feet, dinosour also died like
        this. This can happen when the solar system goes or passes through the BLACK HOLE as both are moving in
        their respective orbits just in opposite directions in the same Galaxy. Remember the whole universe is
        moving due to the God energy which is present every where and is being produced continuously and
        protons, electrons and photons are just smallest parts of it.When solar system passes through the Black
        Hole, the energy in black hole act on each other and changes the structure of earth and other planets
        inclusive of Sun and in fact the Sun vanishes after entering Black Hole This is the situation when
        water goes up above 3 kms in oceans and earth surface gets destroyed and goes upto many feet and
        creates ditches in the earth and thus whole civilisation went inside the earth and dinosurs also died
        like this though there are many other reasons also due to which they can die but this method justify
        many other things and earth structure / demography changed and though Dinosurs are born in desserts but
        their skeltons are found in Europe which means Europe was earlier desert but after earth passed through
        Black hole it got changed and vice versa in other places. Similarly Himalayas formed due to striking of
        different lands with a great force which is possible only in Black holes. Similarly is the position in
        other countries too. The energy in Black hole can move the earth in an opposite direction, with higher
        speed and stop it also which is also applicable to other planets too. When solar system comes out of
        the black hole as both are moving in the opposite direction which takes about 3 days time, then again
        Sun is formed and other gaseous planets are formed with the God energies moving/running the planets as
        energies are being produced continuously and due to this reason we are also getting sun rays
        continuously and it is applicable to the whole universe.If we dig out earth at different places, many
        more things/civilisations will be available. Similarly the formation of coal took place as trees on
        earth also went inside it. This phenomenon happens some people say after 6000 years and others say
        might be 15000 years but no one can predict the actual one and the end of world in 2012 was predicted
        like this only.. God takes not even one moment to make and destroy the whole universe as it has to
        withdraw these energies only just like it happens in electricity which is also a part of God energy.
        For more details you can visit the YOUTUBE and watch 13 videos on ” God energy by satnam wadhwa” and
        get resolved most of your doubts.

      • Satnam Singh

        Science is yrt to know Human BRAIN and Human Body System functions — The way we are thinking about
        or conducting researches on the human brain/human body system, we can never succeed to know the real
        truth behind it and in fact any thing in this universe.Just like an electric circuit without electric
        power cannot perform the functions, our brain/ body system which are also a big circuits cannot
        perform without God energies and these energies only run,control,feed or give ideas to us and in fact
        it is applicable to the whole universe. These energies are coming from the space from different places
        / positions such as the energies driving planets, stars etc and non-body energies which we call as
        anges, aliens,devi devtas,avatars, etc as positive and ghost etc as negative energies which benefit or
        harm us only when God wishes it and it is continuously happening which we may know it or not and it is
        a continuous process. In astrology which is a small part of the whole system, the energies moving the
        planets are also coming on us on earth and affect everything positively or negatively as per their
        directions with respect to us as they bring various proteins, ,protons, photons, neutrons
        ,chemicals,vitamins etc alongwith them so if they are in the positive directions they will give us all
        these things and vice versa and thus we benefit or lose and it affects us accordingly.Similar is the
        position of stars also and non-body energies also affect us. This is how our body is being controlled
        by these energies and we get ideas through them only through our soul which resides in a gram sized
        thing in our brain at a distance of 2 inch from our forehead which receives all the messages and our
        soul resides here and these energies control us. Similarly other energies also control our body which
        are doing everything in our body. Do not be under any misgiving that we are independent and our brain
        controls us completely and only these energies control us through brain which is a big circuit and our
        body is connected with each iota of flesh,bones,blood and others and the whole universe is also
        connected in a similar way and we are a just part of it . I think you might have understood the theory
        behind it. Electricity is also a part of God energy which we have just derived from the space through
        magnets, similarly all the energies are like that and these move,control, produce and can destroy the
        universe within no time.

      • Satnam Singh

        god energy – facebook- bermuda triangle
        From: Satnam Singh forwarded on Wed, 05 Oct 2016 19:46:49 Add to address book
        To: You & 1 other | See Details
        Q 75 — BERMUDA TRIANGLE MYSTERY RESOLVED —- I know the mystery of Bermuda triangle but scientists
        are yet to imagine the reality and it is all based upon God energy about which I have already covered
        on YOUTUBE under ” God energy science and spirituality by satnam wadhwa” and know about all universal
        mysteries. You contact me and I will reply all your queries about other mysteries too. infact the whole
        universe is a great mystery in a similar way and anything you pick up which will be a mystery till you
        understand the God energy concepts and after that it will resolve your all doubts within no
        time.Scientists are searching the solutions in the materialistic world where actually it is God energy
        which does everything ans it is being produced continuously. The earth is rotating and revolving due to
        this energy only and these two energies i.e. radial and N-S magnetic energies are responsible for it
        and these energies bring vitamins, chemicals alongwith them and everything is survived and produced by
        it.These energies while moving towards the centre of earth get converges and therefore the temperature
        from outer periphery of earth unit ( about one lakh km in diameter) and the atmospheric gases are also
        produced continuously to maintain the replenishment levels and the temperature and pressure of gases
        increase as we move from the outer periphery towards earth center and the temp. from (-) 1200 degree
        centigrade ncreseas to -50 to 50 degree centrigrade at earth surface which further increases to about
        6000 degree centigrades in the core of earth. So it is energy which is responsible for everything but
        the scientists are thinking it to be other way correct and hence they are on the wrong path and are not
        understanding anything theortically while practically it is OK.Electricity is also come or a part of N-
        S magnetic field which is coming through magnets. It is really a great science which the scientists are
        not understanding and hence all the mysteries.Simlarly Bermuda Triangle is nothing but a part of God
        energy which is coming from somewhere from the earth unit which is a energy and earth is just a part of
        it and it is this enrgy unit which is rotating and revolving and anything in it will also do the same
        thing whether it is earth or aeroplane and it is not the earth gravitational force where we say earth
        is pulling everything as it is God energies (radial and N-S energies) which are coming from outer
        periphery. When we will understand it we will understand all the mysteries of the universe. And do not
        be under any misgivings that the things are happening just like that in the universe and every
        electron, proton, photon etc is accounted for by the God which is sum total of souls and are present in
        God energies in the whole universe. Sun has also similar energies but it is functioning is contrary to
        it and on earth we are also almost in the same energy and it is all about science which has also
        replies as you will have more and more questions as I did had the similar type of questions and this
        gravitational force is also God energy which is moving the earth and supplies all the vitamins,
        chemicals etc to each and everything on and inside earth and it is applicable to the whole universe
        inclusive of Bermuda Triangle which is a very small mystery.

    • Mangyi

      Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the key so that we have hope and get witness

      • Satnam Singh

        From: Satnam Singh forwarded on Fri, 18 Dec 2015 11:28:28 Add to address book
        To: You & 1 other | See Details
        1 attachment
        26.46 kB


        This is a questionnaire I prepared for which I know scientists have no concrete answers but correct
        answers will come automatically after knowing the concept of God energy. It will also clarify all the
        aspects about spirituality too, also astrology, astronomy, how human beings,animals,plants grow, why
        core of earth is so hot, Is earth a part of the Sun, answer is NO as composition of earth is entirely
        different from Sun as the latter contains only hydrogen and helium gases and weight of Sun is only
        40000 Mt which is just equivalent to a few buildings. Then how this energy is coming continuousky from
        Sun and crores of such questions will be answered as I know all the scientific theories being an
        engineer but real science will be known soon by you too.

        satnam singh

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    • I enjoyed the beginning of this article but Part 2 causes me a little doubt. The Christian/Judeo religion has been compromised not because it believes that God is so far away but because when it began the Jews had no idea what was causing harsh conditions such as earthquakes, plagues, tornados, death, etc., and decided that God was a cruel, angry, wrathful person and became afraid of him. When God’s son came to earth they still hung on to the ancient belief that he came as a sacrifice for their sins. When he was crucified he became a new religion based on Judeo mistakes. Christianity does not endorse that God is far away and separate. Many believe that He is right here protecting them and helping them chose what is right in their lives. As we move into the future we will discover God’s plan and see how He connects all religions that uphold His moral integrity. For further information on these new religions go to:

    • Ex Coelis

      Really no less realistic, logical, or possible than any other mainstream religion. Too bad no one really knows for sure- despite how loudly they claim to and that everyone else is wrong.

    • David Quinton Metz

      beginning of creation in this article reminds me of the 70’s when we began to computerize machinery. X, Y, and Z axis was the foundation, and then it expanded. Must finish read. Very nice so far, and my point is I can see that cycle over and over in our world.

      • David Quinton Metz

        beautiful finish