The Nine Source “Families of Consciousness” for Earth

I find this notion that Planet Earth was seeded by nine original sources consciousness interesting. To me it helps understand what the soul-level thrust in a person’s life is about and how it may be different than others. I find the following descriptions still somewhat vague but nevertheless better than western astrology for instance. For example I’m not even sure where I am a Gramada or Vold….but I believe I am likely the latter.

Jane: “… the names and designations aren’t meant to be taken too literally; these aren’t to be interpreted as esoteric clubs or brotherhoods, but as natural psychic ‘conglomerations’ to which we all belong.” [session 737]
“Now these families fall generally into certain groups. In greater terms you can ‘cut the pie’ however you want to, but you will still share an emotional and psychic feeling of belonging with the family of which you are a part.” [Appendix 26, session 734]
“Now you can expand the functions of any particular family group, or you can cut it down, by deciding how precise you want to be. If one family deals with the nature of healing then you can slice it down to the healing of a toe … and ear … an eye.”
“The categories [healing, teaching, or whatever] are general descriptions of the families of consciousness. You can split them up also and make further distinction if you choose. You cut those divisions down. They merely represent interpretations that you can understand in you realty. In the most mundane terms, some families are travelers, and some prefer to say at home. But generally speaking I have simply given you an outline which follow the characteristics of consciousness as it is embarked in physical form. I am mot giving you these groups to set up divisions, but to help you understand that consciousness is diversified – that usually each of you falls, because you want to, into a certain family. And there you acquire friends, alliances and counterparts.”
The following is my personal expansion and conjecture on what Seth stated in his books and some of the work on the subject by Paul M.Helfrich.
Gramada (Gra-ma’-da) – Formers, System Builders, Organizers, Initiators, Inventors, Engineers
  • Designers, Engineers and Architects of Civilizations
  • specializes in organization,
  • founders of large businesses, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Inventors, Economists, Political Philosophers, Religion Establishers
  • found social systems. on a grander scale, are the ones responsible for establishment of your societies, your governments, your institutions, your religions
  • ability to connect with world views of other essences
  • individuals whose ideas are initiating and original
  • expressing original ideas for efficiency.
  • great artists, or musicians, or architects, or physicists
  • Examples:
    • Politicians: Nelson Mandela, Obama
    • Businesspersons: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates,
    • Scientists: Einstein, Nikola Tesla
Vold – Reformers, Revolutionists, Visionaries
  • primarily reformers, activists, revolutionaries,
  • strongly focused within their dream abilities.
  • with excellent precognitive abilities in terms of probabilities,
  • one purpose in mind: to change the status quo in whatever the area of primary interest.
  • Their main objective is change. They are not satisfied with elements of existence continuing along the same direction.
  • They change themselves,
  • They are great connectors with other individuals, for they also incorporate tremendous compassion and understanding.
  • Extremely Passionate
  • to reform the status quo.
  • Examples: Elon Musk, Ghandi, Che,
Ilda (Il’-da)
  • they deal primarily in the great play of exchange and interchange of ideas, products, social and political concepts.
  • They are travelers, carrying with them ideas of one country to another
  • They are extremely verbal. They are communicators. Their focus is exchange.
  • They are travelers.
  • mixing cultures, religions, attitudes, political structures
  • to spread and exchange ideas.
  • They may be manifest as merchants, as gypsies, as seamen, jesters of courts, slaves, pirates
Sumari (Sum-mar’-i) – Creative Artists
  • Musicians, inventors,
  • innovators, naturally playful, humorous, relatively unfettered.
  • They are impatient however.
  • They will be found in the arts and in the less conventional sciences.
  • They also are quite independent. They do not align themselves with groups. They do not align themselves with societies or governments or religions.
  • provide the cultural, spiritual, and artistic heritage for the species.
  • Examples: Da Vinci, Frank Lloyd Wright (Guggenheim architect), Tesla?
Milumet (Mil’-u-met)
  • composed of mystics,
  • They manifest mainly within what you will view as primitives. Your Indians of these Americas would fall into this family; many tribes within your continent of Africa; your aborigines also.
  • most of their energy is directed in an inward fashion,
  • Affinity for Animals, Plants & Precious Stones
  • deeply involved in nature, in that sense more highly attuned psychically than most.
  • to mystically nourish mankind’s psyche.
  • Examples: Viktor Schauberger,
Sumafi (Su-ma’-fi) – Teachers
  • deals primarily with teaching, passing on their knowledge or that of others
  • to transmit “originality” through teaching.
  • Quite Playful, not solemn
  • Many have chosen religious-focuses. They are quite intent upon keeping truths.
  • Teachers of Art as opposed to being an “Artist”
  • Manifest as Scribes, Authors,
  • Examples: Neil Strauss, Anthony Robbins,
Tumold (Tu-mold’) – Healers
  • primarily devoted to healing, though don’t have to literally be practicing medicine,
  • found as psychics, social workers, psychologists, priests/shamans, florists, politicians,
  • royalty in past history.
  • to heal, regardless of individual occupation.
Borledim (Bor-le’-dim) – Parents
  • deals primarily with parenthood, often have large families, focus on nurturing healthy children with brilliant minds, healthy bodies, and strong clear emotions.
  • Their ideas often spring to prominence before large social changes, and help initiate them. Closest to Sumari.
  • to provide an Earth stock for the species through parenthood.
Zuli (Zu’-li) – Athletes, Performers, Dancers
  • involved mainly with the fulfillment of bodily activity, athletes, dedicated to perfecting the beautiful, elegant, and performance capacities of the body
  • often appear at the beginnings of civilizations where direct physical bodily manipulation within the environment was of supreme importance.
  • to serve as physical athletic models.
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